Software: Utilities

Gain better control of your device with the utilities found here. If you know of a piece of software we should add or are a developer that would like to see a program listed here, please email with information or a link to more information on the software.

Novosoft Inc

Easy-to-use yet powerful utility that allows you to enhance the visual capabilities of your Pocket PC and integrate your handheld with desktop system. Portrait or landscape screen orientation, virtual screen resolutions up to 2000x2000, one button zoom and panning control. (Pocket PC)

Mobile Discovery Monitor
Trust Digital

Improves data security by alerting administrators of un-registered devices attempting to access the network. (Other)

Mobile Printing

Extend the capabilities of your PDA by enabling you to print business content or personal information to a wide array of Bluetooth, infrared and network printers. (Pocket PC)

Nyditot Virtual Display

Pan or compressed the display to fit the physical screen which effectively increases the resolution of your device. The display can also be rotated in any of four orientations. (Pocket PC)

Trust Digital

PDASecure incorporates six different encryption standards and enables secure password and data encryption for Palm and Pocket PC devices. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Sentry 2020

Seamlessly encrypt documents while they are being accessed by Pocket Word, Pocket Excel and other applications. (Pocket PC)


Customize your skin of the phone dialer in Pocket PC Phone Edition. (Pocket PC)

Sound Effects

Attach a new sound to 16 different system events, including menu taps, ActiveSync start and end, low battery alerts and more. (Pocket PC)

Soundz Cool
AIM Productions

Changing the event sounds on your Pocket PC was never that easy. With Soundz Cool you can download, upload and customize entire sound themes. Make your Pocket PC sound unique. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Storage Tools

Format storage media with different file system and cluster size. Scan tool diagnoses and repairs a variety of media problems. (Pocket PC)

Super Explorer

Increase your ability to manage files on your computer. Super Explorer adds features that wern't included in Pocket PC 2002's File Explorer (Pocket PC)


The purpose of the SynCE project is to provide a means of communication with a Windows CE or Pocket PC device from a computer running Linux, BSD or other unices. (Pocket PC)


Use your Pocket PC as a universal remote with Ultramote. Also supported is Ultramote's Compact Flash universal remote card. (Pocket PC)


Page2Day is a plug-in for the Today screen that allows you to start your favourite applications right from the Pocket PC 2002 Today screen. (Pocket PC)

Pocket Plus
Spb Software

Spb Pocket Plus is a software that enhances the Pocket PC operating system with enhancements like close button will really close programs, task manager as a pop-up menu on the X button, multiple Pocket Internet Explorer windows, and more. (Pocket PC)


Hands-free software application for your Pocket PC Phone Edition device that enables you to place calls by speaking the number or contact. (Pocket PC)


Load applications, Tasks Management, Access Control Settings, Check Battery/Memory info., Turn-on/off Backlight, etc. (Pocket PC)


RingRing is created to help all mobile phone users to get new ringtones cheaply. RingRing is a new concept to allow users to share their ringtones with others. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


Synchronizing software, keeps your iCal information and Mac OS X Address Book up to date on your Mac, your mobile phone, your iPod, and your PDA. (Palm OS)


While you can use applets in the SideX over your current application, why do you want to go to other program? It is fairly small and needs very small screen area. (Pocket PC)


GoLandscape is a simple app that switches your Hewlett-Packard iPAQ h5450/55 into any of the four portrait/landscape screen orientations, without the need for any calibration. (Pocket PC)

Clear Speed

Increase the speed of your iPAQ H1910 to 300MHz with this utility. (Use at your own risk.) (Pocket PC)

Pocket Mind

With PocketPrivacy you can hide your personal private data: contacts, tasks, appointments, databases, document files, programs, voice recording files, images, photos, music files, notes, Pocket Word and Pocket Excel files. (Pocket PC)


A Today screen component that displays icons. Tap the icon, and the matching application is launched. Having your application icons on the Today screen makes it easy to launch whatever program you need. (Pocket PC)

emProcess Manager
Emcon Emsys

emProcess Manager is a System Utility that allows users to view memory status, currently running programs and interact with the processes. (Pocket PC)

XCPUScalar 400

Increase or decrease speed from 100 to 472MHz, save battery power by decreasing speed or increase speed for a richer multimedia and gaming experience. (Pocket PC)

Visual Key

Password protect your device with a visual password using this security utility. (Palm OS)


Automatically detects WiFi networks and lets you rapidly determine whether you can access the Internet. Once you are connected, download e-mail or browse the web with just a tap on the screen! (Pocket PC)

Pocket Hack Master
Anton Tomov

Overclock your 400 MHz Pocket PC to 472 MHz and gain additional 20% performance boost or clock down the CPU to preserve battery power with this util. (Pocket PC)


ProBackup allows you to keep your handheld data safe at all times, wherever you are. Simply insert the card into your handheld\'s memory card slot and hit BACKUP or RESTORE - you don\'t even need a PC. (Palm OS)

FlyZip XR
Elegant Algorithms

FlyZip XR is a straightforward, fast and easy to use compressing and decompressing utility, operating right on your Palm. (Palm OS)

VITO ButtonMapper
VITO Technology

VITO ButtonMapper drastically extends hardware buttons performance assigning multiple actions to each hardware button. (Pocket PC)

Bluetooth OBEX Software
Socket Com

The Bluetooth OBEX software is an optional add-on for the English version of the Socket Bluetooth Connection Kit software and provides the capability of exchanging information with another OBEX compliant Bluetooth Device such as a phone or another Bluetooth enabled PDA. (Pocket PC)

Spb Benchmark
Spb Software House

Spb Benchmark combines real-world performance and battery tests with synthetic performance tests to give an accurate representation of how well a Pocket PC performs in everyday, realistic tasks. (Pocket PC)

PpcToday Tools

PpcToday Tools is a collection of small utilities for your Today screen. You get a Task Switcher to quickly and easily switch or close programs. A Clock is available with both analog and digital display. Both Battery and Memory Tools are included to give you full control of available resources. (Pocket PC)

Spb Kiosk
Spb Software

Spb Kiosk puts your Pocket PC in Kiosk mode where only certain functions are available to the user. (Pocket PC)


Automatically locks when left unattended, Lock your device on demand, Keylock - just like on your mobile, Phone, 2 types of password entry . (Pocket PC)


Store your data under the protection of the well-proven and patented visual Key technology. (Pocket PC)


PicturePassword lets you customize your PDA with any picture you like. In addition, useful info is shown on a lock screen: Big digital clock, date and day of the week, Owner info, and Battery level. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Gigabyte Solutions

FlashDash is a new Today Screen replacement system for Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 devices. It integrates the most popular Today screen features into the desktop of tomorrow, today. (Pocket PC)

PocketKiosk Builder
Askarya Technologies

PocketKiosk Builder is a tool for developing packages for running any Pocket PC application (.exe/.vb/.NET CF) in Fullscreen Kiosk mode. This way users can be restricted to use a specific application only. (Pocket PC)


AutoEnginuity is a leading OBD-II diagnostic scan tool provider dedicated to the easy and accurate diagnosis of OBD-II compliant European, Asian, and American vehicles. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

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