Software: Reference

Access reference material and data right on your PDA. What would normally only fit in multiple books, now can be right in your pocket. If you know of a piece of software we should add or are a developer that would like to see a program listed here, please email with information or a link to more information on the software.


ProWord is the new and state of the art dictionary for your Palm OS Handheld, with unheard of compression, speed and a wonderfully intuitive interface, it is simply the best. (Palm OS)


World favourite cross-platform document viewer - with thousands of freely available reference works, e-books and other texts available. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Pocket Guide to Heart Sounds

Information, sample recordings and waveform visualizations for the most significant heart sounds. (Pocket PC)

FIS Group

Easy-to-use loan calculator allowing users to analyse and manage all types of loans including but not restricted to mortgage loans, home loans, auto car loans and student loans (Pocket PC)


PhatSpell is a multilingual spell checker for Microsoft Windows powered Pocket PCs. It allows users to check spelling in practically any standard Pocket PC application that permits text editing. (Pocket PC)


Envoyage is a versatile destination and city guides program for Palm handhelds. You\'ll use Envoyage to plan your business trip, book your hotel or rental car, or plan your family excursions. (Palm OS)

TomTom Navigator
Palmtop BV

Transform your Pocket PC into an easy-to-use personal navigation system. Route planning, map reading and finding a way around difficult traffic conditions are all taken care of. (Pocket PC)

Dictionary Anyplace
Business Anyplace

Dictionary Anyplace enables you to use a connected Pocket PC 2002 (Phone Edition) to look up the dictionary meaning (definition) of a word using an online Web Service. (Pocket PC)


Automatically recieve traffic jam information and plot new routes with a GPS-enabled Pocket PC. (Pocket PC)

UTS Blood Pressure

TS Blood Pressure for Palm OS allows you to track your blood pressure and pulse. It offers various interactive charts, reports, filters, and abilities to export data to UTS database and to MS Excel through UTS conduit. (Palm OS)

BDicty Dictionary Reader

BDicty works with the entire collection of dictionary, including languages, phrase books for travelers, and professional and scientific terminologies, among others. (Palm OS)

MedicineNet Pocket Drug Guide

This doctor-produced informational database of 400+ monographs covering over 1,000 generic and branded names of the most popular U.S. medications. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Heart Murmur Wizard

Users are asked questions related to the loudness and location of the patient?s murmur. These observations allow the Murmur Wizard to provide specific guidance, serving as an interactive textbook. (Pocket PC)


English dictionary for mobile users. It features an extensive database of more than 150,000 words. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

World EncyclopediaToGo

Over 27,500 facts in 127 information categories on more than 260 countries and territories. A world of information at your fingertips. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


More than 473 conversion factors for over 7,000 possible conversions in more than 50 categories. In addition to standard calculator functions, it allows for currency conversions as well as time zone conversions. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


Provides you with a database of over 150,000 English words and phrases. It is optimized for fast searching with its highly compressed database. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


A fast display and intuitive search engine lookup. Enriched with easy to use features, you can access your favourite verses in a matter of seconds. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


The ultimate chess program for your handheld! Enjoy this fun and easy to use mobile game with another human player or with the computer player. (Palm OS)


Features a compact and comprehensive periodic table of elements with over 3,000 facts in more than 25 information fields. (Palm OS)


A complete security solution. Lock your device from prying eyes & customize the cover screen with your own photos. (Pocket PC)

TombRaider 3

Carry an entire encyclopedia on your device... there are thousands of FREE dictionaries, movie guides, bibles, novels and more in TomeRaider format. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

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