Software: Productivity

Use these programs to help increase your efficiency. If you know of a piece of software we should add or are a developer that would like to see a program listed here, please email with information or a link to more information on the software.

Electric Pocket

BugMe! is an ingeniously simple note taker and memory jolter. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


Enter text quickly and accurately with the only finger-sized, onscreen keyboards for Palm OS handhelds. No Graffiti, no add-on Hardware, not even a stylus! (Palm OS)

KSE Truefax
KSE Software

Send and recieve faxes with your PDA. (Pocket PC)


MessagEaseST transforms a PDA?s Graffiti area into a fast and ingenious keyboard. It enables the users to quickly and accurately enter full text, including digits, punctuation marks, and all special characters. (Palm OS)

Bachmann Software

Wirelessly prints your documents, spreadsheets, databases, memos, calendars, and more. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Spb Full Screen Keyboard
Spb Software

A unique text input software for Pocket PC. Unlike other input methods it covers entire screen area and has keys that are large enough to be typed with finger-tips, not with a stylus. (Pocket PC)

Symbol Commander

Simply draw symbols to execute actions instantly. (Pocket PC)


Personalize your Today screen in ways you never thought possible. Rotate, manage, load and preview new versions of your Today screen. (Pocket PC)

VizSnyc Complete

Allows single or multi-user synchronization and multi-user contact management database. (Palm OS)


CalliGrapher adds natural handwriting recognition capability to your Pocket PC and Handheld PC for all handwriting styles - cursive, PRINT or MIXed. (Pocket PC)

Phone King

Control over your Bluetooth Phone from your Pocket PC. Dial the phone, get caller ID, send SMS, and more. (Pocket PC)

T- Day Counter
Marc Zimmermann

T- Day Counter is a Today screen applet that will show you the time remaining until a configurable date and time. (Pocket PC)


HW Diary is the ultimate Homework Organizer for students. It couples a homework diary with a grade keeper and the added functionality of a signature feature. (Palm OS)

KSE Software

Send and receive faxes directly from their Pocket PC, and guarantees that documents will be sent and received securely, eliminating worries about corporate spying or espionage. (Pocket PC)


Allows you to transfer data from the web, local workstation or network to your mobile device using Microsoft ActiveSync with a cable, cradle, or infrared. (Pocket PC)


PalmOS based emulator for the Hewlett-Packard 48SX, 48GX and 49G series of calculators. (Palm OS)


The TAPLESS word-browsing environment dramatically accelerates text input on the Pocket PC while simultaneously reducing manual skill requirements. (Pocket PC)

Graphix PDA
PDA Rubix

Don?t be frustrated because you can?t graph on your Pocket Excel. PDAGraphiX makes it possible. PDAGraphiX is a powerful, flexible and dynamic graphic tool, which easily allows making amazing graphics as soon as tapping once. (Pocket PC)


Offers all the features you have come to expect from a desktop-class spreadsheet package including a charting engine, over 300 calculation functions, outlining and data analysis capabilities, conversion to Excel, and more. (Pocket PC)


TenGO is a powerful soft keyboard for handheld pocket devices. It uses an innovative tap-and-scribe method to input text on the Soft Input Panel (SIP). TenGO is specially designed for PDAs using only 6 large alphabet keys to type. (Pocket PC)

Voice Command

Voice Command transforms your Pocket PC into your own virtual personal assistant, letting you use your voice to look up contacts and place phone calls, get calendar information, play and control your music, and launch applications. (Pocket PC)


A tool that displays a picture for every incoming, outgoing or missed calls and is designed as an upgrade for Microsoft\'s Dialer calls history. (Pocket PC)

PDA Keyboard

Switching between the FULLSCREEN and the standard-sized keyboard is a piece of cake ? just hit the upper-left button (as indicated by the red arrow) and the whole screen becomes a keyboard. You can switch it back at any time without losing any information. (Pocket PC)


actiDATA is aimed to collect, manage and synchronize different kind of information between your PC and Palm. (Palm OS)

FileMaker Mobile

A simplified version of FileMaker Pro, designed specifically for Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds, so you can easily extend your FileMaker solutions beyond your desktop to mobile individuals and workgroups. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Dr. DWG MOBIlite

A simplified version of FileMaker Pro, designed specifically for Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds, so you can easily extend your FileMaker solutions beyond your desktop to mobile individuals and workgroups. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


PlanMaker offers the feature set and ease-of-use of a modern high-end spreadsheet application and is closely modeled after market-leading Microsoft Excel. (Pocket PC)


FileMaker Mobile allows individuals and mobile workgroups to extend their FileMaker solutions from the desktop to handheld devices for applications as simple as lists to more complex solutions such as student testing, work orders, help-desk or patient records. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


Whether you want to exchange ideas with your peers at tradeshows or send information that you feel relevant to your colleagues without becoming a spammer, ProximityMail is your ultimate proximity networking tool. (Pocket PC)

GPS Tuner

GPS Tuner is a high precision measurement, mapping and geocaching tool for Pocket PC. You are able to record high precision waypoints (even sub-meter) thanks to the averaging technique. With Digital Compass you can easily navigate to a waypoint or walk along a route. (Pocket PC)


A T9 predictive input blended into six square keys, and a height of just 60 pixels with a 50,000 word dictionary. (Pocket PC)

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