Software: Internet

Interact with the internet with these programs that allow you to do more on the internet. If you know of a piece of software we should add or are a developer that would like to see a program listed here, please email with information or a link to more information on the software.


A full featured email client for Pocket PC with HTML view support, IMAP/POP3 support, and more. (Pocket PC)


While a Phone Edition device notifies incoming calls with the name, company, and phone; Caller2Picture adds an image of the caller also. (Pocket PC)


CEMyNetwork is a suite of network analysis applications designed for Pocket PC, Handheld PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, and Windows CE Embedded Devices. Version of the suite work for wired and wireless LAN\'s, GPRS and CDMA Networks and Bluetooth Personal Area Networks. (Pocket PC)

Colligo Personal Edition
Colligo Networks

Communicate and share information with anyone, anytime and virtually anywhere without access to a server or the Internet. Use the software along with Bluetooth or WiFi for easy communication. (Pocket PC)

Network Dweebs Corporation

OpenNAP CE is an OpenNAP Client for PocketPC. The OpenNAP protocol is a widely used peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used on services such as Napster. (Pocket PC)

Spb GPRS Monitor
Spb Software

Measure your data transfer while you're connected via a GPRS connection. Get he necessary information about the state of your connection: connection speed, current block usage and battery power remaining. (Pocket PC)

Marc Zimmermann
Pocket Hosts

This program will allow you to edit static host name/IP address mappings in your Pocket PC or Handheld PC which is the equivalent of writing a HOSTS file on a desktop PC. (Pocket PC)

Cutting Edge Software and Snapperfish

Send and receive desktop files to and from their wireless Palm OS PDAs. Puts the power of desktop email in your hand. (Palm OS)

IP Manager

For the user that switches networks on a regular basis, IP Manager lets you change your IP settings easily at startup. Choose between DHCP or a list of static addresses. (Pocket PC)

Spb AirSetup
Spb Software

A dramatic improvement over the current method of distributing applications over the air using wireless technologies like GPRS and 1xRTT (Pocket PC)


OneMail consolidates YahooMail, MSN, AOL, Hotmail, POP Mail and Webpage to your PDA. You can read your HTML Email as Text Now - No more funny character and No HTML Viewer Required. (Pocket PC)

SMS Cool
AIM Productions

Manage and send PPC Phone-Edition SMS messages from your desktop PC. (Pocket PC)

SMS Sync4Outlook

SMS tool completely integrated with Microsoft Outlook on your PC. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


PDAs can be a more portable extension of a users connected world. It not only provides easier connections to private Wi-Fi networks at home and at the office, Pocket Boingo lets users tap into the Boingo Roaming System, a worldwide network of more than 8,500 hot spots under contract, for ultra-high-speed wireless Internet access. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


snippetspace app for web development

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