Software: Information Management

Programs that help you manage your personal information and data better. If you know of a piece of software we should add or are a developer that would like to see a program listed here, please email with information or a link to more information on the software.

Agenda Fusion
Developer One

Better manage your schedule and contacts with Agenda Fusion. Six optimized views bring all your information into focus. (Pocket PC)


A fully-automised customisable solution for delivering content of any nature to Pocket PC's on a regular base. (Pocket PC)

Pocket Informant

Replaces your built in Contacts, Calendar, Tasks applications with more powerful full featured versions and addition like journaling, linking, Alarm Notes, Inline Month View, and much more in one fully integrated application. (Pocket PC)

Quickoffice Pro
Cutting Edge Software

Quickoffice Pro puts your Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files right where you need them. With Quickoffice Pro you can view, create, edit, sync and even email and print your office documents right on your handheld and synchronize your work later when you're back at the office. (Pocket PC)

ReenSoft Outliner

You can use it as text outliner, task manager, shopping list, or even simple project planner. (Pocket PC)

Spb Quick
Spb Software

Spb Quick is a Pocket PC companion for Quicken. Spb Quick synchronizes with desktop Quicken, downloading all its data to Pocket PC for manipulation. (Pocket PC)

Journal Sync Plugin

ActiveSync conduit that syncs the Microsoft Outlook 2000 and 2002 (XP) Journal with Pocket Informant 3.31 and up. (Pocket PC)


Collect and keep all your important info on your PDA. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

HillCast Technologies

Real-time streaming of financial stock quotes, charts and graphs. (Pocket PC)


RepliGo allows you to convert virtually any document from your desktop computer onto your Palm OS or Pocket PC based device. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Pocket Quicken

For Quicken users that own Pocket PC\'s, tracking your finances is about to get even easier. Simply place your handheld in the cradle and Pocket Quicken will instantly mobilize your financial data enabling on-the-go access to account balances, credit limits, transaction histories, exchange rates, budgets and more. (Pocket PC)

Password Manager
PDA Corps

Assists you in the day to day task of having to remember multiple ID\'s, passwords, access codes and their associated notes. Designed to be simple and intuitive to use, attractive and customisable. (Pocket PC)

Caller2Picture SmartPhone Edition

See who is calling you by including a picture with the caller ID information. (Other)

UTS Weight tracking

UTS Weight is the Palm OS software, that tracks your body weight and BMI (Body Mass Index). (Palm OS)

Portfolio Manager

PortMgr Pro keeps track of all your investments, including stocks and shares, options, futures, bonds and funds, and more. (Pocket PC)


A series of conduits that allows multi-user synchronization of data to occur between FileMaker Pro and Palm OS applications. (Palm OS)

Razab-Sekh Information Company

Get live handheld database access from anywhere. This powerful Pocket PC tool comes in 5 different editions: a MSSQL edition, a PostgreSQL edition, a SAPDB edition, a MS Access edition and an Oracle edition. (Pocket PC)


StarContactPro is an innovative Contact Management system for Pocket PC devices. Designed for professionals who deal with both Contacts AND Companies, StarContactPro exclusively delivers: Contact AND Company Data, Organization Charts, Descriptive Links, Reporting Relationships, Personality Typing, User-Defined Filters, Import/Export. (Pocket PC)

PDA Grad

CoursePro is a highly versitile application for keeping track of courses, course data, assignments, and grades. (Pocket PC)


ProximityMail, a Bluetooth application, facilitates community building, professional networking, and relationship building wherever groups of people are gathered (i.e. tradeshows, corporate and university campus, ballgames, shopping malls, hotels, etc). (Pocket PC)

Kalpadrum Infotech

This powerful PalmOS tool comes in 6 different editions: an MS Access edition, an MSSQL edition, an MS Excel edition, an Oracle edition, a PostgreSQL edition, and a SAPDB edition, all allowing users of these database systems to access their databases from virtually anywhere. (Palm OS)


CarRec is the premiere automotive records tool that allows you to easily keep track of fuel expenses, vehicle information, and maintenance without having to go through a pile of paper receipts. (Pocket PC)


At the touch of a button, copy your Palm Desktop Address Book, Date Book, To Do List and Memo Pad information into Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

WebIS Money

Entry-level finance application for the Pocket PC. Its purpose is to be simple, easy to use, and accurate for basic checkbook activities. (Pocket PC)


Using KeySuite Applications on your handheld instead of the built-in applications allows you to carry more of your important Outlook information with you. (Palm OS)


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