Software: Game

Take some time away from working and use the multimedia capabilities of your device to play simple or advanced games. If you know of a piece of software we should add or are a developer that would like to see a program listed here, please email with information or a link to more information on the software.

Age of Emipres

Age of Empires is an epic real-time strategy game spanning 10,000 years, in which players are the guiding spirit in the evolution of small stone age tribes. (Port of the desktop version) (Pocket PC)

Baseball Addict

Baseball fans looking for a realistic baseball experience with a fun twist look no further. (Pocket PC)


Choose from a relaxing and absorbing easy game, or a frantic timed game, as you tap adjacent pairs of gems to swap them and make matching horizontal and vertical lines of three or more. (Palm OS)

Championship 500 Pro

A mobile version of the popular Australian card game 500. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Cropped Out

Cropped Out is an addictive fast-paced arcade action puzzle where players do battle with alien technologies. Featuring fluid graphics, dynamic sound and incredible particle effects, Cropped Out is a blistering assault on the senses. (Pocket PC)

Cascata Games

Enter the kingdom of CubeHead, where your puzzle skills will be tested on the game board. If you can match tiles in lines of 3,4 or 5 - either horizontally or vertically - you can score points and claim the throne. (Pocket PC)

AIM Productions

A colorful puzzle game with some explosive action. Your goal as player is to match two-tiled figures. (Pocket PC)

Emperor?s Mahjong

Mahjong is a puzzle game of Chinese origin dating to over two thousand years which has gained enormous popularity to become one of the world\'s most popular board games. Hexacto\'s edition of the popular ancient game features a unique storyline based on traditional Chinese mythology. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Lemonade Tycoon

Always wanted to test your entrepreneurial skills? With Lemonade Tycoon, you\'re in business! In Lemonade Tycoon you have the chance turn a kid\'s game into a serious and profitable enterprise. (Palm OS)

Master Thief
Cascata Games

You are a human weapon of stealth, known only as 'Nebula' & employed by Corporations for the purposes of industrial espionage. In your secret underworld excursions, you use your code-breaking skills, special weapons and utensils to successfully complete each task and accomplish your mission (Palm OS)

AIM Productions

A fast-paced classic style space shooter game. Blast your way through eight galaxies, flooded with hundreds of relentless alien enemy ships, asteroids and mines. (Pocket PC)

Pocket Strippoker II
AIM Productions

The second edition of Strippocker for Pocket PC features everything from the first edition as well video to the Poker game. Adults Only. (Pocket PC)

Pops Pipes

Pops Pipes will keep you going for hours with this fast-paced connect-the-pipes game. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


Repton is the ultimate thinking man's arcade game requiring dexterity to complete its arcade-style elements, and clear logical thinking to solve its strategic puzzles. (Pocket PC)

Rooks Revenge

No more taking turns. No more sighing as you wait for the other player to think... Rook's Revenge has you making moves as fast as you can manage - and in this game, its survival of the fastest as you play chess in real time! (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


As you slurp, the remaining drops reform into different shapes. Bigger drops are worth more points, so the challenge is to slurp up the big ones, but also think about how the slurp will cause the drops to reform. (Palm OS)

Strip Poker
Captain Mobile

Featuring a beautiful design, nice sounds, very good gameplay, fullscreen hi-res pictures, online and realtime downloads of new opponents, and off course...gorgeous opponents, this game is sure to overload your PDA. (Pocket PC)

Video Poker Pro
G3 Studios

Video Poker Pro gives you an unprecedented realism while playing the game. It offers you different variations of the game and includes features that will help you become a better video poker player so you, too, can beat the house. (Pocket PC)

Snowed In
Clickgamer Technologies

Collect as many presents as you can and stop the evil Grinch from spoiling Christmas. (Pocket PC)


Feed Lex the Worm\'s endless appetite by joining letters on the library wall. Use up burning letters before they reach the bottom and set the library on fire. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

3D Star Fighter Pilot

Dueling with one or more enemies at a time, until you can complete a sector of space. (Pocket PC)

Classic Arcade Games

This bundle of 4 action games includes games similar to well-known favorites like Tetris, Breakout, Centipede and Whack-a-mole. (Pocket PC)

Reveal Me
AIM Productions

The object of this turn-based game is to reveal the pictures of the girls, hidden beneath the playfield. 16 glamorous babes are waiting to be revealed by you and your Pocket PC will try to prevent you from doing so! (Pocket PC)

Bingo Solitaire
Puzzle Express

With Bingo Solitaire you can play regular bingo or choose from over a dozen patterns. The object is to try and beat your best score by getting BINGO with the least number of numbers called. (Pocket PC)

Pocket Highscores
Spb Software

Pocket Highscores is a utility that lets you compete in Pocket PC games with mobile gamers from all over the world. Pocket Highscores downloads your best results from the games installed on your Pocket PC and publishes them to PocketGamer. (Pocket PC)

Coconut Island
Click Gamer

Stretch your survival skills to the limit on Coconut Island. Are you monkey enough? (Pocket PC)

Exit Nights

Enter the Exit nightclub and play this underground card game everyone is talking about! Visit the instant play and challenge up to 40 opponents. They all want the final prize, so you\'d better be ready... (Pocket PC)

Yotown IsoPuzzle

Yotown IsoPuzzle is an innovative 3D puzzle with nicely rendered flash graphics .The goal of the game is to rotate, translate and swap the blocks in a 3D environment to bring them in the right order with the less possible moves. (Palm OS)

Yotown MiniPairs

Yotown miniPairs takes the classic tile matching game to the next level introducing many challenging tasks like animated tiles, killer tiles, jokers, board shift, virtual opponents and timeouts (Palm OS)

Commodore 64 Emulator

At last - play all those Commodore 64 classics on your Pocket PC. Coming soon - Pocket C64 for super-fast graphic and sound emulation - includes widescreen mode. (Pocket PC)

Astraware and Whitehorse Games

Chess, Checkers and Backgammon all in one package. (Palm OS)

River Raider

Freshly enhanced version of the classic River Raid arcade game, the first ever vertically scrolling game, featuring brand new levels. (Pocket PC)

GTS Racing Action

Choose between the thrill of a sports car, the style of a coupe or the raw power of a racing car, in the Palm of your hand. Eight different race tracks all with stunning backdrops, eight frenzied competitors with you on the track, and at the end of the day, just one winner. (Palm OS)

Pocket C64

A retrogamers dream come true! At last - play all those Commodore 64 classics on your Pocket PC. Try Pocket C64 now for super-fast graphic and sound emulation - includes widescreen mode! (Pocket PC)


Triclops is a fast paced animated puzzle game where strategy builds points. Simply tap on same colored triangles in groups of 3 or more. (Palm OS)


Build your own network! The object of NetMaster is to connect all the computers to the server as quickly as possible using cables and T-connectors to form network. (Pocket PC)

Crazy Bubbles

Crazy Bubbles is a fun addictive bubble game for Pocket PC. (Pocket PC)

Knight Lite
Click Gamer

Guide vesuri the heroic knight through five stages to rescue the princess. only your skill and reactions can save her from evil tik-kari, the viking king. (Pocket PC)

Medieval Heroes
Arcona Magi

Create and head the army, participate in fights, spy for armies of other lords, conquer their castles. Lead your domain to prosperity. Become the new leader of the Empire! (Palm OS)

Strategic Assault

Construct bases and capture strategic buildings. Lead your army to victory commanding tanks, helicopters, gunboats, and many other military units in battle against a vicious enemy. (Pocket PC)

Interstellar Flames

Fly dangerous missions against huge battlecruisers, dogfight with enemy fighters in asteroid fields and destroy the alien fleet before it enslaves Earth. (Pocket PC)

Video Poker Pro
G3 Studio

Fully animated gameplay and a tutor that shows you how to win at Video Poker are part of this great release! for Smartphone! (Other)

Billard Master

Excellent billiard and pool simulation game for PocketPC with realistic physics and good hi-res graphics. (Pocket PC)

Mr. Dollar
AIM Productions

Mr. Dollar is a funpacked 80\'s style maze/arcade game suitable for all ages. (Pocket PC)

Knight Lite

Guide vesuri the heroic knight through nine stages to rescue the princess. only your skill and reactions can save her from evil tik-kari, the viking king. This addictive memory reflex game features classic console style graphics and specially composed soundtracks. (Pocket PC)

Jack the uni-psychle

In this action-filled sidescroller, players get to be jack as he races his way through abduction sites to defeat these invaders and their boss, the evil dr. apocalypse in the hopes of regaining his body. (Pocket PC)

PDA Advance

PDAPacMan is the most fabulous and real version of the PacMan game, which will allow him to again live the sounds and images on so huge game, to experience the controlled emotion of the challenge of new levels with the best speed and sounds. (Pocket PC)

PDA Rubix

Test yourself arming the different possibilities from PDARubiX, probably obtains it. (Pocket PC)

Medievel Platform Action

Race across the hazard filled ramparts dodging arrows and dangers in your quest to save the fair damsel. (Pocket PC)

Battle of the Generals

An original military strategy and tactics game based on the classic game of Chess, Checkers and Stratego. (Pocket PC)

AIM Productions

In Tmax you take control over the heroes Theseus and Ariadne who need to find their way back home thru a MAZE of mazes, before the evil Minotaur can get to them. (Pocket PC)


An extremely strong chess engine with an opening book of 200,000 moves and plays interesting and often aggressive chess. (Pocket PC)


A conversion of the original Web-based game developed by PopCap which enables players to become aquarium owners and buy and raise a selection of fish. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


Rain or shine, lovers of golf can now get a daily dose of practice, play and analysis of their game, as they tee off on the most beautiful courses in the world using favorite pros. (Pocket PC)

Gem Drop

A gem matching game of skill where players match falling gems into groups of three or more to evaporate the gems. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Pocket Hockey Pong
Michael Le

Hockey and Pong have been mixed together to create a fast-paced version of the classic game from Atari! (Pocket PC)

Nodes of Yesod
Uztek Games

Nodes of Yesod is a faithful recreation of the popular mid 80?s classic, originally released for the Sinclair Spectrum and other 8 bit systems. Uztek Games has enhanced the title with an easy guided installation, screen-rotate, and save game features. (Pocket PC)

Bomb Duck
Click Gamer

Guide Bomb Duck through 30 frantic levels collecting the Baby Penguins as he goes - but watch out for the bad guys. (Pocket PC)

Nodes of Yesod
Click Gamer

This is a faithful recreation of the classic ZX Spectrum platform game. Guide Astro Charlie in his quest to collect the 8 Alchiems and find the Monolith in this platform arcade adventure. Along the way, you\'ll encounter all sorts of weird and wonderful baddies. (Pocket PC)

Air Hockey 3D
Ellams Software

Play a fast paced game of Air Hockey against the Computer another player or some blocks. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

GameBox Gems

Gamebox Gems is a captivating collection of eight puzzle games with tons of gems and jewels. (Pocket PC)

Railroad Jam

The remake of the famous logical game popular among people of all ages. The aim is to move the red locomotive out of the depot. But you will encounter obstacles - cisterns, boxcars and tank cars block the way out. (Pocket PC)


Lines3D is a fresh look at the Lines games with 100% of guaranteed fun! Top-down view and 3D graphics, amazing music and exciting gameplay, and all of these in one game. (Pocket PC)

Candy Train

Players are in control of their own candy train, as they flick the squares to join up pieces of the train track to help navigate the little train. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


Anthelion is a 3D space fighter simulator, built on our revolutionary 3D graphics engine, featuring tons of effects, intensive story line, lots of space combat and smooth gameplay. (Pocket PC)

Chopper Rescue
AIM Productions

In Chopper Rescue you\'re the commander of a MI-24 Hind helicopter gunship, one of the most lethal, survivable, deployable and maintainable multi-mission helicopters in the world. (Pocket PC)

Escape Velocity

Frantic puzzle action - get those Jules Verne rockets off the launch pad before it is too late. Features excellent music and sound effects. (Pocket PC)

Noah\'s Ark

Tap to match pairs of animals in the confusion, to bring them to the Ark and save them from the rising flood water. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Word Mojo

Word Mojo is a simple, crossword-style word game that is both challenging and fun with a unique play style that engages the player with unlimited word variations played against the clock or with no time limit. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


It\'s a turn-based puzzle inspired by the world wide known classic Sokoban concept. (Pocket PC)

TommyK- Special Ops

This full-colour platform shooter game reproduces an Army setting where terrorists have taken some people hostage. It is your mission to rescue them using any means necessary. (Pocket PC)

Ballshooter Games

LodeRunner for Pocket PC is really simple and addictive game - you help the bounty hunter collect all the treasures, while avoiding (and preferably destroying) the evil guards who are trained to kill. (Pocket PC)

Crow Needs Fish
Cronotech CC

Protect your only source of food, the fish around you! You have a shotgun with unlimited ammunition and the rest is up to your aiming skills. (Pocket PC)

Super Trooper
Cronotech CC

Lead your troopers into battle and defeat the enemy in this action packed 3D turn based game. (Pocket PC)

6th Gear - Ultimate Challenge
Cronotech CC

Get ready, drive! Enjoy the fastest driving action for your mobile device. Including a 3D environment with turns, ups and downs. (Pocket PC)

Boingo Wireless

With Pocket Boingo, PDAs can be a more portable extension of a users connected world. It not only provides easier connections to private Wi-Fi networks at home and at the office. (Palm OS)

Fish Tycoon
LDW Software

A fish breeding sim where you grow and breed your fish, and at the same time purchase equipment upgrades and research technologies. (Palm OS)


Complex is a cool and cute little puzzlegame for the Pocket PC that will keep you going for a while! Moving your way through 60 stylish levels and uber gameplay, you\'ll discover that long stories and option screens waste your time when all you want to do is have fun. (Pocket PC)

Huzza Puzza
Game Falls

Huzza Puzza is the mobile interpretation of the favorite Collapse game. The purpose is to clear the board from the color balls and get a high score. (Pocket PC)

Game Falls

This nice logic game takes place at the board 12x12 with vivid balls. The purpose of the game is to clear the field. The combination of 5 or more balls of the same color disappears. (Pocket PC)

Chronma Games

ChromaGames: Ignite your handheld with this full-color bundle of checkers, chess and backgammon. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)

Space Treker 3

Space Treker, a 3D Space Exploration, Trading & Combat game with hundreds of systems to explore. (Pocket PC)


Build your empire through swashbuckling sea combat and trade! Achieve the ultimate rank of Tai Pan or become the renowned Pirate King, Gossamer. (Palm OS and Pocket PC)


SetRow is the evolution of the game Lines. The game is realized on the graphic engine TGine and contains a lot of original new features. The gameplay of the puzzle is designed both for logic and attention. (Palm OS)


Trivalon is the most popular tame game. It is based on a new original idea designed on the graphic engine TGine. The gameplay of the puzzle is designed more for logic than for attention. (Palm OS)

Brain Gym 2
Ballshooter Games

Brain Gym 2 will be the ultimate source of enjoyment for you and your family, be you at home or on a long journey. (Pocket PC)

Traffic Mania

Your objective is to get your car out from a traffic jam by moving the other cars around. The game includes over 300 levels, 3 different characters to play and different game rules for each character. (Pocket PC)

Creepy Pinball

A scary pinball game for your Pocket PC. (Pocket PC)


Hedgehog is a forest-themed matching puzzle based on the traditional game Pairs but introducing some creative new twists. (Pocket PC)

Super Bounce Out

All you have to do is match the colored balls to make lines of three and they bounce out clearing the way for the next drop of balls. Super Bounce Out has normal and timed modes. (Pocket PC)

Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2 takes the game of Bejeweled even further, with new modes, a fantastic new look, and Hyper and Power Gems to add an extra level of play to those who crave more strategy to their game. (Pocket PC)


In order to find his way home Ix must travel through a range of alien landscapes, with hundreds of rooms to traverse, solving puzzles and collecting elements to aid his bid for freedom. Along the way he will meet friends who offer clues and enemies who must be out-witted for him to survive. (Palm OS)


Arvale: Journey of Illusion is an epic Role Playing Game, with over 20 hours of gameplay, six immense continents with 280 maps to explore, 200 different monsters to fight against, and over a hundred different items, weapons, and magic spells to use. (Pocket PC)

Boulder Dash Extreme

The first official Boulder Dash sequel ever developed for your PDA. Go on a journey through new exciting worlds as you search for treasure. (Pocket PC)


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