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Dave's PDA Place is constantly growing and changing, though the goal for being a comprehensive resource will not change. Dave's PDA Place feels it is important to identify products in all sides of the market to inform users on what is available to them and what would be the best product for them. Dave's PDA Place is not about selling devices or making a profit, but is about finding a PDA that can benefit the end-user best. Though articles and features may be slanted towards specific products, the scope of the site is for the benefit of the whole current and future members of the PDA and mobile community. Main purposes of this site include: providing updated hardware specifications, providing updated news, new interactive ways of looking for PDA information, help new PDA users and perspective PDA users, and help more people understand PDA's.

About the Site was originally started in 1999 by David Conger out of a love for his Philips Nino 500. Since its original launch (as Dave's PPC Place), Dave's PDA Place has grown dramatically and now has hundreds of pages of content as well many interactive features. Dave's PDA Place provides content for everyone, from the new to the experienced user. The site helps users find a device that fits their needs and better understand (and use) their device. Dave's PDA Place also provides daily news "blurbs" for easy updates on what is going on in the industry as well as listings of new software that is released. In late 2004 added podcast called the Weekly Rewind to its list of features. The podcast is quick and to the point much like the rest of, featuring news and more in a program that is 5-7 minutes long. Currently the podcast is no longer being broadcast, but Dave produces the ThoughtCast on the Thoughts Media Network (including Pocket PC Thoughts).

About Dave
Please contact for details on Dave. This information has been removed temporarily. is an unofficial source for news and information. is run as a "non-profit" website. The only financial funding for is through a co-brand with NexTag and donations by visitors, which is used to continue to keep the site online and active. does not offer advertising space to other companies. News items are chosen at the discretion of Dave and products may be omitted from listings for any reason.

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