Reviews: Styli

Stylus+ 2-in-1

First Impressions -
    I have been using my Stylus+ 4-in-1's for quite a while now, and kind of forgot about this one.  Stylus+ have many other styli including this simple 2-in-1 pen.  It comes in a simple box, but this pen is far from simple.  The pen is a nice semi-shiny metal with a nice black grip.  The pen top turns to reveal the stylus or a black pen.  Like the other Stylus+ styli, this one has an orange stylus.

Pointing and writing -
    The pen writes much like the others.  It is smooth and works very well for me.  The styli is light weight and shaped nice to work well in your hand.

Overall Worth -
    There isn't a lot to say about this styli, not because I don't like it or it is bad, but since it is simple and works very well (like other Stylus+ styli).  Make sure to consider this styli when looking for a simple, easy to use styli.
High Quality 
Black Pen
Nice grip

Update (July 2002) - 
    To be honest, this originally was not one of my favorite styli that I got from Stylus+.  Originally.  Now, I actually pulled it out and am using it all over the place.  Really like the simple design and the size of the stylus.  More "bulky" then most, but in a good way for writing.  Great product like my other Stylus+ products and am really enjoying this one more now.

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