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StyleLite Stylus

     One cool thing about PDA's is that many can be used in dark areas because of the backlit screens.  Some older devices do not have extremely powerful backlights, Palm OS based products without virtual graffiti have unlit graffiti input areas, and often PDA's do not have lit buttons, making them difficult to use in the dark.  Pacific Rim Technologies is aware of these things and that many people use their PDA's in dark areas.  They have devised a stylus featuring a white light in the tip.  No more holding the flashlight in one hand while trying to use your PDA, the StyleLite puts the flashlight right where it needs to be.
     The StyleLite is basically a revised version of a standard device stylus.  I do not mean that in a bad way, because I find it rather amazing they were able to fit a switch, battery, and light all into a three and a half inch plastic cylinder.  The stylus is built to fit in various devices including the Handspring Treo devices and Palm's m125 and m130.  The StyleLite has the standard weight and feel of a manufactures stylus, though its tip is slightly different then most as it has to be for the included light.  Even with the light off, it looks rather cool because it is a clear tip.
     Writing with this stylus is fluid and soft.  The size of the stylus makes it hard for me to use as I have rather large hands, and it is a little short to fit well in my hand.  But what is of course the coolest thing about this stylus is the light in the tip.  When I first heard about this product I thought it would be a rather dim light, but I was amazed at the brightness when I turned it on.  I think it is evident in the pictures the different in visibility with it on and off (in both cases the Axim's backlight is turned off).  I found the StyleLite to be most helpful in my mobile computing when I needed to access my soft reset button or change SD cards on my Axim.  It was nice to have a light nearby and in a compact form.
     I had not heard of Pacific Rim Technologies before they contacted me about this product, but now I am interested to see what else they offer.  The StyleLite is a well built and inventive product.  I feel that its functions would be best used by PDA users that have a device with an unlit input space (i.e. graffiti) or a grayscale device that does not have a strong backlight.  The StyleLite is well within any users budget, with a price tag of $10.

Dave's Score - 8.0
This means, this product is a very good product  This product embodies quality in its design and application, and is something I would (or do) use, though its functions may not be of constant use to me.

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April 2003

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