Reviews: Styli


stinger.jpg (6733 bytes)First Impressions -
    My first impression of seeing this product online, was that it is totally stupid. Who thought of this strapping a plastic thing to your finger and actually having it work well. I could never see my self using this because frankly I just thought it was stupid. So much for first impressions.

Pointing and writing -
    After hooking on the finger stylus, it actually felt kind of good. It is molded well and works very well. Because it isn't heavy it actually works very well. It works extremely smoothly on the screen and you can keep control of it easily. I always seem to just want to tap the programs on the screen with my finger to run them. This allows me to do it without me worrying about finger oil or dirt a grime. Plus it always taps what I want, unlike my finger. If you like short stubby pencils then you will really like this stylus. If you prefer a full length pen, you might not like this as much.

Overall Worth -
    From, the finger stylus comes in a three pack. This is good deal for the price. With three, you can keep them around so you don't have to worry about having a stylus with you. The fingertip stylus work much better then you might think, and is defiantly worth a look.
Works easily
No pen or pencil.
Hard to adjust

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