Reviews: Styli


First Impressions -
    This was the only stylus that I got that had a pencil bundled with it.  I guess originally this stylus comes with a red pen also, but was replaced with the stylus.  Really, this could be a nice stylus for someone on the go that wants a full sized pen.

Pointing and writing -
    Though this pen might look nice, it doesn't seem to work quite as well as some of the other pens.  Its weight is not distributed very well, which makes the pen light.  The stylus point is nice, but it is hard to be sure that that is what you are going to get when you press the button on the top.  Sometimes I thought I would get the stylus, but would get the pencil (not something I really want to use on my screen).

Overall Worth -
    This was probably my least favorite pen.  Though full sized, the weight distribution doesn't make it feel great on the screen.  The stylus tip it self is good, but the pen doesn't make it work as well as it should.
Full size
Weight Distribution
Pen/Pencil/Stylus changing.

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