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Proporta 3-in-1 Chrome Plated Stylus

     Most often I find the styli included with PDA's are weak.  They are cheap, miss-weighted, and single function.  Proporta has a solution with their simple yet feature packed chrome plated 3-in-1 stylus.  This is a stylus that those proprietary plastic styli would be scared of.  Not only is it weighted, includes not only the stylus tip and a pen, it also has a sleek chrome style and metal structure.   
    The first thing I noticed about this stylus was the weight.  It is much heaver then other styli (specifically styli included with PDA's), though due to its small size, I soon found the weight to be an added bonus.  Like proprietary styli this stylus is just big enough to fit in my hand.  Larger styli have a pen/pencil style feel when writing, and for those, you do not want something to heavy.  With Proporta's 3-in-1, the added weight allows for improved stylus control over styli of a similar size and also allows for easier and more fluid writing which is often only found in a larger form factor.
     The stylus tip is white nylon. Under the cover on the reverse end of the stylus is the second function of the stylus, the blue ballpoint pen.  My first complaint was going to be that then included pen could not be refilled which would not be good since when the pen ran out you would be forced to buy a new stylus, but Proporta did not let me down as the pen can be pulled out an replaced in the case of it running out or with a different color.  Switching the stylus into "pen mode" makes it about a quarter of an inch shorter.  Now that might now seem like much, but it makes it a little small for big hands like mine.  I have found myself placing the cap for the pen on the stylus end when I am using the pen so it is longer and so I do not lose the cap.  The third function of the stylus is the reset pin.  All I can gather for this is that Proporta is calling use of the stylus tip as a reset pin the third function.  I do not really call this a third function because most any styli can do this.
     Proporta continues to show me products that I really like.  If this stylus was just a little different form factor it would fit in my iPAQ, which is to bad for 3600 series users but for users of 3800 or 3900 series iPAQ's, this is a fantastic replacement stylus.  This chrome stylus is simple, small, well weighted and a multifunction stylus/pen (not to mention that it goes well with my Proporta Aluminum iPAQ case), and is worth the $15.

Dave's Score - 8.0
This means, this product is a very good product, though has some features which could be improved.  This product embodies quality in its design and application, and is something I would (or do) use

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