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paag X4 Stylus

    Having a cool looking stylus to go along with a stylish PDA is key.  Ok, I am sure that fashion sense is not something most PDA's users really think about, but I always like to have a neat stylus especially when I am showing off a device.  Face it, included styli are dull and even most of the replacements aren't that good.  They also don't provide versatility for writing on other surfaces.  The paag X4 Stylus is a stylish stylus that provides not only stylus, pen and pencil tips but also an additional highlighters.  
    The idea behind the form of this stylus is nothing new.  I have many metal styli that are of the same shape and feature four different tips.  The first thing you really notice of this stylus is clear and white coloring.  The plastic instead of metal makes the whole stylus lighter but the rubberized surface makes it feel great in your hand.  The stylus is the same size as most pens so it fits well in the hand, promoting writing similar to that for a standard pen.
     The stylus tip is a standard white tip.  It provides a better tip that most proprietary styli.  Not only does it contain a stylus but also both red and black pens and a mechanical pencil.  Not to be out done, a highlighter insert is also include so users can swap out one of the pens for the highlighter.  An eraser is also imbedded in the top.  One problem with the stylus is because it is not metal, the casing is prone to cracking.  I have seen this with similar styli and I worry that where the two pieces screw together, cracking may occur.  Other than that I don't have any problem with the stylus, though users to have to get used to the mechanics for how the pen works.  (The idea is, look a the symbol on the top for what you want and press the button.)
     This product is the first from paag.  The X4 Stylus combines style and functionality.  The stylus has style with optimal functionality at an inexpensive price, and the paag website for the product has to be one of the most inventive as it even includes an interactive tour of the stylus.  At just under $10, the paag X4 Stylus is a great addition to a PDA users mobile life.

Dave's Score - 8.5
This means, this product is a very good product, though has some features which could be improved.  This product embodies quality in its design and application, and is something I would (or do) use

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