Reviews: Styli

Cells I-Pen

First Impressions -
    I was really surprised to find this pen in the mail. The package it came in had been knarled by the postal service, but after all, it did from Hong Kong (passing through customs on the way). The pen really looks just like it does in the pictures. Mine is green and you can see through the casing well (if that is something you look for in a pen). It is light weight and well proportioned. I look forward to using it.

Pointing and writing -
    I wasn't very sure how good of a stylus this pen would have. When I first got it out, the stylus almost seemed to be of "lower quality" then other styli I had used. The tip is not quite as dense as others are and it more pointed. The stylus taps like any other stylus really, but when it comes to writing, I far prefer this stylus over many others I have tried. This stylus is really like writing with a pen that can flow on the screen. Since the point is sharper then others, it is more accurate, and even with my bad hand writing can recognize letters better.

Overall Worth -
    Lets recap. It looks good, points good, and writes great. This stylus is a must have for the PDA user that doesn't want to use that plain built in stylus. It comes in an array of colors, and will go great with that new iPAQ that you finally got.
Good Stylus Tip 
Has a Pen too
No pencil 
Casing cracks easier then other styli

Update (July 2002) - 
    My Cells iPen isn't really in use any more since the mechanism inside has broken.  Turning the top now does nothing, though sometimes I can make the stylus come out.  This is to bad because I liked this one for general use, though it just doesn't stand up to the wear and tear like the metal styli I have.

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