Reviews: Styli

Dr. Grip

First Impressions -
    I was very surprised to find a Dr. Grip in stylus form.  I didn't know that they would even make one of these, but evidently they do.  Though it is large, it is light weight.  It has all the features of a normal Dr. Grip, just it also has a Stylus in it.

Pointing and writing -
    I really didn't think this would be the best stylus because of how big it is, though upon using it I found out it worked well.  It writes easily on the screen, and taps well.  Since I am don't really prefer using a Dr. Grip pen, the stylus version really didn't make me a bigger fan.  I would probably keep this in my desk, to us as a pen/stylus when I am working, but this stylus would really not work for travel.  One thing I do especially like about this pen was the stylus tip.  Not only was it a nice tip, but it was red so I can easily see when I am using the stylus vs.. the pen.

Overall Worth -
    If you love your Dr. Grip pen, then you will love a Dr.Grip Stylus.   Really, this pen is for someone who likes the Dr. Grip type of pen (size and comfort).  If you haven't used one before, I wouldn't discourage you from buying it, but you should go to a local office store and see how you like the "Dr. Grip feel."
"Dr. Grip"
Light weight
Stylus Tip
Overall Size
Not for travel.

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