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Comfort Stylus

First Impressions -
    If it looks bent, that is because it is.  Considering you can bend it into a circle the size of that dollar coin, it is actually pretty straight!  The Comfort Stylus is unlike any other stylus I have ever seen.  It actually conforms to your hand based on a wire contained inside.  As you can see in the picture at the bottom of this page, you actually use the Comfort Stylus by wrapping it around your index finger or thumb.  The wire is strong enough to hold the ship and actually stay on your finger.

Pointing and writing -
    In some ways, the comfort stylus is no different then the stylus that comes with most PDA's. When the stylus is straight, it generally has the same problem and proprietary stylus which is that it is to small. Because this stylus is also flexible, that is where the added bonus is for pointing and writing. After attaching it to your finger, you really need very little to keep it in place for writing. This causes writing to be easier then with a proprietary stylus and much more like the finger styli offered by many other companies. 

Overall Worth -
    The Comfort Stylus is a interesting solution with a very inventive design.  I am a little worried about high use of this product because I fear that could be easily lost and I also worry about the life span with constant flexing.  At least the stylus is inexpensive incase either of my worries were to actually happen.  As I said, this is a very inventive solution, and is defiantly a different and good approach to a stylus design that makes pointing and writing easy.  I think it would also be safe to say that this is the best finger stylus I have seen.

Only a stylus
Only will fit in certain PDA's stylus holder

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