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Tennis Addict

      "Hexacto announces the launch of the first game in its new Sports Addict series. Tennis Addict is an exciting, fast-paced, and realistic tennis game for your Pocket PC."
      Just after getting this software, I replied to Hexacto and told them I thought that they needed to change the name of the game to Addictive Tennis. I really didn't think this game would be too fun or playable, but it looked cool from the screen shots I was sent, so I decided to give it a look. Boy am I glad that I did. This game doesn't only have very nice graphics, but it also is easy and fun to play.
     The first think you might notice is this game requires you to have 6mb of free program memory. Though this is quite a bit, it is needed because of the graphics quality, not to mention the PSI engine probably needs quite a big of memory. The "Precise Stylus Input technology lets you control all play functions with high accuracy, including service, player movement, and racquet play, giving you unprecedented 'feel' for the game." The PSI engine is the core playability of the game. You move your player and hit the ball all via stylus input, not the control pad like other games. The PSI engine gives you better accuracy for letting the game understand how and where you want to hit the tennis ball. The game also runs in landscape mode on my iPAQ. This is really nice to increase the playing field for the game. Since you don't use the control pad at all in the game, there really is no need to have it be in normal mode.
      This game really is fun to play. I have shown it off to quite a few people and always find myself continuing to play it even after they leave. It was very easy to learn especially with the training option that is available. The game will teach and train you on how to serve to the right place, return the ball, and much more. After just a few minutes of playing with the training, you will be able to get into playing a quick game. The quick games are just single games that allow you to gain experience with plying the game. When you become more experienced you can play in tournament mode that actually has a bracket style tournament for you to participate it. 
      Even if you don't like tennis, this is a game I would defiantly look into. It is very simple and easy to play, and has wonderful graphics. I think you will find that, like me, once you start playing, it is rather difficult to stop (even if you aren't the best "tennis" player, like me).

Minimum Requirements:
OS - Pocket PC 3.x and up
Memory - 2.5 MB of storage space and 6MB of available RAM (program memory).

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