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Pocket Slide Show

    Pocket SlideShow is PowerPoint is wonderful powerpoint viewer for your PDA.  This simple to use, high quality application is a great tool to use in the work place or school.
    This application is simply wonderful.  Basically it runs great on my iPAQ, and in some ways, it runs better then PowerPoint does on my desktop machine.  Though they application does not allow you to edit your PowerPoint's, you can modify the transitions and hide slides that you might decide are no longer needed.
    After installing the application, you simple drag your standard PowerPoint presentation to your device (preferably in the My Documents folder).  Pocket SlideShow will convert the file into the .pss format.  Before the conversion you will be asked what resolution you would like to convert to.  This is particularly handy if you are using the programs external viewing sources option (i.e. video out).  The .pss file is also much smaller then a normal PowerPoint, which is quite helpful when you have a large presentation.
    I was really amazed when I ran my presentation how good everything looks.  On my iPAQ, it automatically changed to landscape mode, which really helps make the presentation look better.  The graphics and text were all resized, and were barley degraded from the original (note, in the screen shots the gif compression messed with how it actually looks).  I could really see myself using the program to give a speech from or use as digital note cards.  I simple tap to the screen will change slides, or a press of the control pad will move you through the presentation.  Though there is no "pen" option like on the desktop PowerPoint, I wouldn't consider that a huge issue.  In future versions, this would be nice since with a PDA you would literally be writing on the screen.
    If you have noticed, I also had high praise for Pebbles, another PowerPoint display program.  Though these programs are similar, they are different.  Pebbles is built to run through a desktop computer and actually control PowerPoint from your handheld.  Pocket SlideShow will show you presentation on your PDA's screen or has the option to be connect directly to various types of monitors (including televisions).
    Pocket SlideShow is available from  There is a 14-day trial that runs a complete version of the software.  After that, you can register the software for only $19.95.

Main screen with powerpoint project loaded.

Change transition screen

Video output options

PowerPoint presentation running

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