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PDA Power Training

    "You have made the investment in a PDA, now it is time to understand how to use it and turn it into a true life-enriching tool." - Power By Hand
      I have never heard of any big tutorials for new PDA users.  As someone who is always looking to help people find what is best for them, I was surprised to have never come across a product or service to aid in learning how to use your device.  Most of the manufactures provide adequate support for starting to use your device, but don't really walk you through how to use the software.  For computer power users, this is fine, and when PDA's were mainly being used by people with computer knowledge this didn't present a problem.  More and more, I hear from people who are more typical computer users who just bought a PDA and need to know how to use it correctly.  Power By Hand is a company that is prepared to provide a solution to this problem and training new PDA owners on how to use their device.

      PDA Power Training is something new PDA users should defiantly take a look at.  I think this is a wonderful tool for people to become better PDA users and understand all that their device can do.  The first thing that made me really like this software is that it starts instantly and there is nothing to install.  The CD contents start with the Power By Hand logo and then the training begins.  The presentation for training the user is provided by video content.  The series of video sections are well made and are clear and easy to understand.  Steps aren't just given by  the host, but there are actually pictures of where to tap, what to do, and what should happen when you do this.  Though the pictures show a Palm m505, the software is in no way hardware specific and only covers the software side of using your device.  The design of the software makes it very easy to stop content, change where you are in the training, or review content you might be unsure about.  

     As you can probably tell, this is a product I am enthusiastic about.  It is well put together, and something that I think most new PDA users could use.  My only real complaint with the software is some issues with pricing.  The software comes with two levels, but only the first one is unlocked for the purchase price of $19.95.  If you want to see the second level, it is another $9.95.  There is also an additional fee if you want to unlock the software included for your PDA.  Power By Hand is an inventive company, and I would hope that they would come up with creative ways of giving back to their customers that purchased their product.

     Manufactures might not provide the tutorials that new PDA users really need, but Power By Hand has seen their flaw and created a product to fill the void.  PDA Power Training is quality, easy to use software, and I highly recommend it to PDA users (specifically new users) that want to learn how to better use their device.

Minimum PDA Requirements:
No PDA required for this software, though if you wish to purchase the recommended extra software, you will need a Palm OS based device.

Recommended PC Requirements:
Intel Pentium 266mhz or higher (with MMX) or AMD 300mhz or higher
48mb of RAM, 8x CD ROM, Windows 98 or above

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