Reviews: Software

Slideshow Commander

    There might not be a Pocket PowerPoint, but Slideshow Commander does everything you could want with PowerPoint from your PDA.  The software is simple and compatible with almost every device (including WinCE 2.11 and HPC's).
    You might not be able to edit your presentations, but now you can control them from your Windows CE or Palm device.  Here is an overview of what goes on.  You load your presentation onto your laptop or desktop computer, connect your device, run PowerPoint on your computer and Slideshow Commander from your PDA.  Your device and computer will talk and volia, you are ready to go.  Now you just select "Start Presentation" and your computer monitor will show your presentation while your PDA will get screenshots and text of what is on the screen (if you have it show you those).  You can also move the mouse on the screen, and draw on the screen.  It is quite amazing actually.

    Though they have not implemented an install wizard, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to install.  Just download, unzip, find the files for your OS and processor, and copy them to wherever you want on your device (I went with the start menu....then you don't have to shortcut).  It does take a little work to get ActiveSync to stop, and get my device to be "connected yet not connected."  You can't have ActiveSync connected while Pebbles.exe (on your desktop) try's to open your Com port (or IrDA).  Once I got connected, it worked great.  The device found the slide show and would play it and navigate through it.  I had to turn off the pictures of the screen because they weren't loading (probably cause it was so slow over the serial connection).

    Overall, this would be a great tool to have when you are try to give a presentation.  It is simple to use, can display notes, and with the proper connection, allows you to move around while giving your presentation.


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