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Black Jack Pro

     "Black Jack Pro is the first computer Black Jack game to completely simulate Casino-style play with all its little idiosyncrasies while also offering features that will help you become a better and more secure Black Jack player - the essence for beating the house in a real-life Casino environment" - G3 Studios
     ?Sweet,? was literally the first word out of my mouth when I launched this game after installation. Just from seeing the intro I knew that this game was going to be a quality application. Pocket PC gaming has evolved so far from where it used to be with simple games, with low quality graphics and simple game play. Companies like G3 Studio and others are really redefining the level of games available for Pocket PC.
     My biggest complaint about this game is right at the beginning (which is why I tell you now) when you have to enter the registration key. This 15-charater-registration key is just kind of a pain to enter (especially when you don?t get it right and have to do it again). If there was anyway to enter the registration key before files are copied to the device, it would just make the installation process better. The first step to playing is to create a player. Black Jack Pro gives you a plethora of options to choose from. It took me a minute to realize how to enter your name and the amount of money you wanted. (If I had read the wonderful manual that was included, then I wouldn't have had a problem.) The game features the ability to change the number of decks used, table minimums, Casio rules (four different rule sets), adjustable game speed, and has the option for tutoring both basic skills and 2-level card counting. After setting the options, simply just click exit to go back to the table, and you are ready to play. Tap the chips to add your bed to the table and then start playing. I have to say, the simply animation of the hands moving slightly while it waits for you is really nice. Subtle little things like this really add to making the whole game experience better. The dealer also tosses the cards, which is another nice effect. The game is all done in high-quality full color graphics. Most things on the screen are animated to add motion to a game that normally would not have much going on. The sound effects are also very nice, and of course add more to the playing experience. 
    I have tried playing around with all the various setting for the game. The tutoring option is interesting. I thought it would give you advise before you play, but it seems that it just analyzes your moves after you make them and tells you what it thinks you should have done. Sometimes this gets a little annoying, but it helps you to see when you should hit, stand, split, and double from playing and not from looking at statistics. I also find it very interesting that card counting would be included as an option, but hey, it is an important part of cards. I don?t think there are any other options that weren't included that I would like to have seen in this game. As opposed to other similar products, you can change the number of decks of cards as well as the Casio rules. Most games just use one or two decks and their own set rules, so this is a great option especially you are going to Las Vegas or Reno and want to practice using the correct rules.
    I have really enjoyed this high-quality Black Jack game from G3 Studios. If this is any indication of what is to come from G3 Studios, then I feel like we are going to be in for some great games. G3 Studios has taken the time to go from a relatively simple game like Black Jack, and made it into a great, fully animated Pocket PC application that well surpasses other Black Jack games that are out there for and PDA. This really is a ?Pro? Black Jack game, and is well work the $12.99 for those looking for a great Black Jack game for their Pocket PC.


The layout of the table before you place a bet.

Game and Player settings for

Active hand on the table.

Minimum PDA Requirements:
Pocket PC 2002 based PDA with a StrongARM CPU
1.8 MB, RAM: 2.5 MB
12/16-bit Color Display

April 2002

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