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JavoEdge JavoSkin Bundle

      How to protect a PDA is always a big question. After all, you made a relatively substantial investment in a piece of hardware you likely will use on a daily bases. Especially if the is phone based, it is likely it will get bump accidentally in a number of ways. It would be best if the device can survive those bumps and hits so that it lasts for as long as possible. We all know how fast technology changes, so it would be terrible to have a device get damaged before the technology is out to date.
     I have really been extremely interested in checking on the JavoEdge JavoSkin case for quite a while now, so I was excited to get one for the HP iPAQ hx2410. The JavoSkin case basically puts a rubber bumper around the device to protect the shell of the device. Now, you might be thinking that all cases are, in essence, a bumper, but the JavoSkin protects the device will only adding a minimal amount of size to the device. The JavoSkin fits to the device just like a glove, forming around edges.
     The major part of the device the case does not cover is the screen. The JavoSkin case is not for screen protection, but soon I'll get to what JavoEdge is doing to take care of that. On the iPAQ hx2410, the front speaker and microphone are uncovered. On the bottom, the sync port is exposed as well as the reset port. The top of the device is completely exposed for access to the stylus, headphone jack, and expansion slots. What is uncovered and where it is obviously varies by device, it is obvious that the case leaves open functionality on the device so you don't have to remove it from the case.
     The JavoSkin case is a white clear color so that you can see through it. While the screen is the focal point for most your work, the buttons on the device are also something you need to see and use. The clear color of the case allows you to see where they are. The case is also custom made for each type of device to form to buttons. I was really worried that the buttons would be difficult to press through it, but they are not. You only have to press slightly harder on the front buttons with the case on than you do when you press directly on the buttons. The side button is more difficult to press, but in my personal uses with the iPAQ, I don't use the button as much.
I find that the feel of the case really makes it easy to hold. Some devices, like the Dell Axim X5, already have rubber grips on the side, and while the iPAQ hx2410 does not have metallic sides, the case does add additional grip. Also included with the case is a standard belt clip and a wrist strap that attaches to the side of the JavoSkin case.
     Instead of just getting the JavoSkin case, JavoEdge offers the JavoSkin Bundle Pack. The pack includes the JavoSkin, JavoSync, and JavoScreen. The JavoSync is a great little addition to any PDA users accessory collection. At first I didn't really think I would use it as much as I actually do. It is great because it allows you to quickly get connected without the need for the full cradle or to buy more expensive and less substantial proprietary products. Obviously the retraction ability of the cable is another great bonus to the JavoSync. No more winding cables and it fits just about anywhere. The last part of the Bundle is the JavoScreen, which is a screen protector. The JavoScreen is an absolutely fantasic screen protector. It is one of the easiest to put on the screen. In fact, when my girlfriend put it on the iPAQ hx2410 she did it without getting any bubbles under the screen and was able to easily refit it once to get it correctly in place. And it is just that easy to put it on. Also what is great is the that is washable and has a great feel with the stylus.
     JavoEdge has put together a great bundle with the JavoSkin Bundle Pack. Obviously, what I really found interesting in the pack was the JavoSkin case which is a great option for users looking to project their device without adding since. For me, it is a tough call between the JavoSkin and an aluminum case (which JavoEdge also carries). The JavoSkin case alone with run you just less than $30, which is a comparable price to most other cases and includes the belt clip and write strap. But if you have a little extra money, for just under $44 you can get the JavoSkin bundle which includes your choice of a silver or black JavoSync, and the fantastic JavoScreen.

Dave's Score - 9.0
This means, this product is about as close to "the best" as you can get.  This product embodies quality in its design and application, and is something I would use.  Though you still should consider it for yourself, most would probably be happy with this product even if they were unable to try it prior to purchase.

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