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BoxWave ClearTouch Screen Protectors

     Whenever I see that companies have come out with a new screen protector, I say, "so what."  With my iPAQ 3640, I attempted to use them all the time, though they did little for me but add bumps (bubbles), finger prints (under the protector), and reduce the visibility.  Thought they protected, I soon found them more of a burden than a blessing.  Recently BoxWave told me about their products including their own screen protection solution.  So, instead of shunning it off like normal, I decided I would give it another try on my Dell Axim X5.  Simply stated, I made a really good choice to try ClearTouch.
     ClearTouch is branded as the most innovated screen enhancement and I'll attest to that.  I sighed when I opened the packaging thinking, here I go again, this is not going to work, but was surprised what I found.  Inside the package was a single screen protector, but this really could be one of the last I will need.  Unlike any other screen protector I have used, this one was much thicker and lacked the plastic/vinyl feel of others I had tried.  What was even better was that it fit exactly inside the Axim's bevel and on the screen.  I do understand the screen protector is made for the Axim, but my screen protectors made for the iPAQ always had under or overlap, leaving either an edge or extra.  Application of the ClearTouch protector is standard.  Peel off the back, align (which is easy cause it fits), apply, and remove the bubbles.  The cool thing about ClearTouch is finger prints do not stay on it like with others.  You should of course try not to touch the sticky side, but I am sure my finger did when I applied it, and I see nothing wrong.  The application left some minor bubbles which you are suppose to work out with a credit card.  This is always my problem.  That never works out.  Either I am just not good at it, or protectors just are not really built right.  ClearTouch is different.  I was able to get all the bubbles out easily and within a minute.  VERY exciting.
     As I stated earlier, ClearTouch does not have a plastic feel.  It adds a slightly coarser surface, making the touch screen feel more like paper than like, well, not paper.  The screen no longer feels a soft when I attempt to write (and many screen protectors make this feeling worse, not better).  The package states the ClearTouch is washable and reusable, and it is.  Though it can be a little tough to get a corner up (because its size is so perfect), once you do, just wash it, dry it, put it back on. 
     ClearTouch is simply be the best screen protection product I have seen for PDA's.  It is easy to apply, improves touch, protects, and is even reusable.  I seriously think the search for a great screen protector is over.  ClearTouch takes the trophy.  Never again will I waste my time with standard screen protectors.  ClearTouch is pricey ($12.95 for one, $27.95 for three), but it is simply the best.

Dave's Score - 10.0
This means, this product is the best (in my opinion).  Accept no substitutes.  Their might be competitors that try to beat this product, but none combine everything of this product.  Though you still should consider it for yourself, most would be happy with this product even if they were unable to try it prior to purchase.

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