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Dave's Reviews (Reviews completed by owner)

E-Ten glofiish M700
Pocket PC Phone Edition

HTC Excalibur

i-mate SmartFlip

Devices -
Dell Axim X3i
Dell Axim X5 Advanced

E-Ten glofiish M700
Garmin iQue M5
HP iPAQ H1910
HP iPAQ H2210

HP iPAQ H4350
HTC Excalibur (HTC S620)
i-mate JAM
i-mate JasJar

i-mate PDA2k

i-mate SmartFlip
i-mate Smartphone 3 (SP3)
Intrinsyc CerfCube
Intrinsyc CerfPod
Nokia N90

Palm LifeDrive
Philips Nino 510
T-Mobile MDA

VTech Helio

Software -
Arkon MobiNavigator
Black Jack Pro
LapLink Controller

OnCourse Navigator 5
PDA Power Training
Pocket Slide Show
PocketMap Navigator
Slideshow Commander
Spb Pocket Plus
Tennis Addict

WiFi Graph

Cases -
DSI iPAQ Holster

BoxWave ArmorCase for the MDA
ePorter iPorter xSD
Piel Frama iPAQ Case
Proporta Aluminum Axim X5 Case
Proporta Aluminum iPAQ Case
Proporta Aluminum-Leader MDA Case

Proporta Leather HTC Magician Case

Vaja Classic HP111 Case

Accessories -
Arkon PDA Mount (CM425)
Arkon Powered GPS Mount
Belkin 802.11b PCMCIA Card
BoxWave Complete Essentials Kit
ClearTouch Screen Protectors
Globalsat BT-328 Bluetooth GPS

iConcepts Mini Keyboard

ICP Global iSun
JavoEdge eBuds
JavoEdge JAVOSkin Bundle

Rikaline GPS-6033 Bluetooth GPS
SanDisk ImageMate Card Reader
SanDisk SDIO WiFi Card
Targus Stowaway Keyboard
UltraMote Extender
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Styli -
Cells 4-In-1 Stylus
Cells I-Pen Stylus
Comfort Stylus

Fisher Space Pen Stylus
Paag X4 Stylus
Pilot Dr. Grip Stylus

Proporta 3-In-1 Chrome Stylus
Resto51 Tornado Stylus
Roting 3 Pen Essential Stylus
Stinger Finger Tip Stylus
StyleLite Stylus
Stylus+ 4-In-1 Stylus
Stylus+ 2-in-1 Stylus
TrueTip Finger Stylus

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