Resources: PDA Recommend

The PDA Recommend tool is a simple way to narrow down what devices might be right for you by specifying what you require a device to have.  No longer do you have to search through pages of specifications.

The recommend uses your input along with specifications of devices that are currently available (though some might have been recently discontinued but still available some places) to recommend devices for you to consider.  Please remember this is only a recommendation and you will receive a list of products to consider.  Devices that are listed meet your requirements.

If you have a preference on what kind of processor your device uses, select that here, though this will only factor into the results, no remove devices without that processor.
Intel XScale Based
Intel StrongARM Based
Samsung Based
Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP Based
Motorola Dragonball Based
Any Processor


How much memory would you like your device to have included in it?  Leave this as 0 if the amount of memory does not metter.  This number should be in MB (megabytes).
Minimum RAM and ROM Combine


What kind of wireless options would you like?  Select ANY if you would just like it to include some form of wireless communication and select NO if you would prefer not to have a wireless solution built in.  Selecting multiple types of wireless will require the device to have all wireless types selected.
WiFi (802.11b or 802.11g)
Cellular Wireless (GSM/GPRS)
Cellular Wireless (CDMA)
Any Wireless
No Wireless


What kind of expandability would you prefer your device to have.  Select NO expansion if you would prefer your device to have not have an expansion slot.  Selecting multiple types of expansions will require the device to have all expansions selected (so it is recommended you only pick one type).
Compact Flash (CF)
Secure Digital (SD/SDIO/MMC)
Memory Stick
Any Expansion
No Expansion



Size (Thickness)
Does size matter? Ultra Thing is devices that are 0.5" or thinner.
Ultra Thin
Any Size


Many users like a built-in QWERTY keyboard.  Phone/PDA devices (like Smartphones) have numeric pads.
Built-in Keyboard


Operating System
If you would prefer one OS to another, select that here.
Windows Mobile
Palm OS
Any Operating System


How much do you want to pay?  Leave this as 0 if price is not an issue.  (It is recommended you leave this at 0, at least initially.
Maximum Cost


Device Pictures
This has nothing to do with what results to see but will show pictures for devices recommended when they are available.
Show Device Pictures in Results .

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