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General PDA Questions
    -What processor does my device use?
    -How do I know how much RAM I have?
    -How should I protect my screen?
    -What can I do to expand my PDA?
    -Can I overclock my PDA?
    -What is the difference between MMC and SD?
    -Where can I find my devices serial number?
    -Can I upgrade my processor or internal memory?
    -What does it mean when a CF card is "16x"?
    -Does using SD instead of CF limit my expandability?
    -If I buy a device that was just released, how long will it be "new" for?
    -Is it possible to move my data from a Palm to Pocket PC?
    -Is there more danger in losing data with regular batteries than rechargeable?
    -Are PDA screens a problem with getting scratched up and unattractive to view?
    -Do I really have to initially charge my PDA for as long as the manual says?
    -Can you explain the StrongARM vs. XScale issue?

 Pocket PC 2003 (CE 4.2 Based)
    -What is a Pocket PC 2003?
    -Can I upgrade my device to 2003?
    -Why aren't my Pocket PC 2002 applications running?

 Pocket PC 2000/2002 (CE 3 Based)
    -What is a Pocket PC?
    -What is Pocket PC 2002?
    -How can I upgrade my Pocket PC?
    -Why would I want Pocket Word?
    -Where can I download Pocket PowerPoint?
    -Can I modify my Pocket PC's Registry?
    -How do I know what PCMCIA cards work with my iPAQ?
    -Why do I care about NE2000 for networking cards?
    -How do I install a theme in PPC 2002?
    -How do I have Notes or Inbox (Outlook) save to a storage card?
    -Why isn't my device turning off when I press the power button?
    -I installed an unofficial version of Pocket PC 2002...
    -Can I change the core language of my device?
    -What file formats can I use with Windows Media Player 8?
    -Should I buy now or wait till CE .NET?  And can I upgrade to CE .NET?
    -When will there be a Pocket PC over 206MHz?
    -How can I turn off the screen with WMP 8?
    -How do I format a memory card with my device?
    -I can't remove a program because it says some files are still in use...
    -Can I sync GroupWise with my PPC?

    -How do I get MP3's onto my device?
    -What are the options for playing movies on my PPC?

 Palm OS (3.x, 4.x) 
    -What is the Palm OS?
    -What is the difference between Palm and Palm OS devices?
    -Why does everyone have a Palm OS device?
    -Can I upgrade my Palm OS device?
    -I have questions about programming for the Palm OS.  Can you help?
    -Where is Palm OS 5.0?
    -Can I upgrade my device to Palm OS 5.0?
    -On expansions, is the Palm expansion approach (SD) better than Sony's?
    -Should I care about a 4mb Flash ROM, like with the Sony devices?

 Other Questions
    -What other operating systems are there?
    -Can I migrate to Linux?
    -What is a Springboard?

 Questions relating to
How do I submit a product or software for review?
    -Who is this Dave guy?
    -What kind of PDA does Dave have?
    -How much does this site cost you?
    -Do you get a lot of free stuff?
    -Do you make money from this site?
    -Can I help be a part of


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