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Use this online tool to create a custom table of up to ten devices.  Compare specifications quickly and easily to find a device that suits what you are looking for.  Click the devices name to select it (click a second time to deselect it), and use the "Make Table" button to compile a custom table of devices.

The compare tool now directly reflects the groupings from the hardware section of the site.
You asked for more devices, now you can compare over 190 different devices.
Latest Device and Older Deices can be compared in the same table.

PDA Devices PDA/Phone Devices Phone/PDA Devices  
Acer n310
Acer n311
ASUS MyPal A632
ASUS MyPal A636
Asus MyPal A639
Dell Axim X51 Advanced
Dell Axim X51 Basic
Dell Axim X51v
Fujitsu LOOX C550
Fujitsu LOOX N500
Fujitsu LOOX N520
Garmin iQue M3
Garmin iQue M4
Garmin iQue M5
HP iPAQ hx2110
HP iPAQ hx2190
HP iPAQ hx2410
HP iPAQ hx2490
HP iPAQ hx2750
HP iPAQ hx2790
HP iPAQ hx4700
HP iPAQ rx1950
HP iPAQ rx3115
HP iPAQ rx3715
HP iPAQ rz1710
i-mate PDA-N
Mitac Mio A201
Pharos GPS 525
Qtek G100

Garmin iQue 3000
Palm LifeDrive
Palm Tungsten E2
Palm Tungsten T5
Palm TX
Palm Z22
BenQ P50
BenQ P51
Cingular 8125
Cingular 8525
Fujitsu LOOX T810
Fujitsu LOOX T830
HP iPAQ hw6515
HP iPAQ hw6915
HP iPAQ rw6800
i-mate JAMin
i-mate JASJAR
i-mate K-JAM
Mitac Mio A701
O2 XDA Atom
O2 XDA Exec
O2 XDA Mini S
O2 XDA Neo
O2 XDA Trion
Orange SPV M3000
Orange SPV M3100
Orange SPV M5000
Orange SPV M600
Palm Treo 700w
Qtek 9000
Qtek 9100
Qtek S200
Qtek S300
Samsung SCH-i730
Samsung SCH-i830
Sprint PPC-6700
T-Mobile (US) MDA
UTStarcom XV6700

Palm Treo 600
Palm Treo 650
Palm Treo 700p


Cingular 2125
Gigabyte g-Smart
i-mate SP5
i-mate SP5m
Motorola Q
Orange SPV C600
Qtek 8300
Qtek 8310
Qtek 8600
Samsung SGH-i300
Samsung SGH-i320
T-Mobile (US) SDA








Use this Make Table button to make a table of the selected devices.









PDA Devices PDA Devices PDA/Phone Devices Phone/PDA Devices
Acer n20
Acer n20w
Acer n30
Acer n35
Acer n50
Acer n50 Premium
ASUS MyPal A620
Asus MyPal A620BT
Asus MyPal A716
Asus MyPal A730W
Audiovox Maestro
Casio BE-300
Casio E-100
Casio E-105
Casio E-115
Casio E-125
Casio E-200
Casio EM500
Compaq Aero 1530
Compaq Aero 1550
Compaq Aero 2100
Compaq iPAQ 3100
Compaq iPAQ 3630/50
Compaq iPAQ 3635
Compaq iPAQ 3670
Compaq iPAQ 3760
Compaq iPAQ 3850
Compaq iPAQ 3870
Compaq iPAQ 3950
Compaq iPAQ 3970
Dell Axim X3 Advanced
Dell Axim X3 Basic
Dell Axim X30 Advanced
Dell Axim X30 Basic
Dell Axim X3i
Dell Axim X5 Advanced
Dell Axim X5 Basic
Dell Axim X50 Advanced
Dell Axim X50 Basic
Dell Axim X50v
Fujitsu LOOX 718
Fujitsu LOOX 720
HP iPAQ H1910
HP iPAQ H1930
HP iPAQ H1940
HP iPAQ H2210
HP iPAQ H4150
HP iPAQ H4350
HP iPAQ H5150
HP iPAQ H5450
HP iPAQ H5550
HP Jornada 420
HP Jornada 430
HP Jornada 520/525
HP Jornada 540/545
HP Jornada 548
HP Jornada 565
HP Jornada 568
Mitac Mio 168
Mitac Mio 336
Mitac Mio 336BT
Mitac Mio 339
Mitac Mio 558
NEC MobilePro 300E
NEC MobilePro P300
Toshiba e310
Toshiba e330
Toshiba e350
Toshiba e400
Toshiba e550G
Toshiba e570
Toshiba e740
Toshiba e750
Toshiba e800
Toshiba e830
ViewSonic V35
ViewSonic V36
ViewSonic V37


Garmin iQue 3200
Garmin iQue 3600
Handera 3320
Handspring Visor Deluxe
Handspring Visor Edge
Handspring Visor Neo
Handspring Visor Platinum
Handspring Visor Prism
Handspring Visor Pro
Handspring Visor Solo
Palm i705
Palm IIIc
Palm IIIe
Palm IIIx
Palm IIIxe
Palm m100
Palm m105
Palm m125
Palm m130
Palm m500
Palm m505
Palm m515
Palm Tungsten C
Palm Tungsten E
Palm Tungsten T
Palm Tungsten T2
Palm Tungsten T3
Palm V
Palm VII
Palm VIIx
Palm Vx
Palm Zire
Palm Zire 21
Palm Zire 31
Palm Zire 71
Palm Zire 72
Palm Zire 72 Special Edition
Sony CLIE N610
Sony CLIE N710
Sony CLIE N760
Sony CLIE NR70
Sony CLIE NX60
Sony CLIE NZ90
Sony CLIE S300
Sony CLIE S320
Sony CLIE S360
Sony CLIE SJ20
Sony CLIE SJ22
Sony CLIE SJ30
Sony CLIE SJ33
Sony CLIE SL10
Sony CLIE T415
Sony CLIE T615
Sony CLIE T665
Sony CLIE TG50
Sony CLIE TH55
Sony CLIE TJ25
Sony CLIE TJ27
Sony CLIE TJ35
Sony CLIE TJ37
Sony CLIE UX40
Sony CLIE UX50


Asus P505
Audiovox PPC4100
Audiovox PPC6601
Audiovox Thera
Audiovox XV6600
E-TEN G500
HP iPAQ H6310
i-mate JAM
i-mate PDA2
i-mate PDA2k
i-mate PDA2k EVDO
i-mate Pocket PC
Motorola MPx
O2 XDA II Mini
Orange SPV M1000
Orange SPV M2000
Orange SPV M2500
Orange SPV M500
Qtek 1010
Qtek 2020
Qtek 2020i
Qtek 9090
Qtek S100
Qtek S110
Samsung SPH-i700
Siemens SX56
Siemens SX66
T-Mobile Phone Edition

Handspring Treo 180
Handspring Treo 90
Kyocera 7135
Palm Treo 270
Palm Treo 300
Palm Tungsten W
Samsung SPH-i330
Samsung SPH-i500

Audiovox SMT5600
i-mate Smartphone
i-mate Smartphone2
i-mate SP3
i-mate SP3i
Mitac Mio 8390
Mitac Mio 8870
Motorola MPx200
Motorola MPx220
O2 Xphone
O2 Xphone II
Orange SPV C500
Orange SPV C550
Orange SPV E100
Orange SPV E200
Qtek 7070
Qtek 8010
Qtek 8020
Qtek 8080
Qtek 8100
Qtek 8200
Samsung SCH-i600

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