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     People like to ask me "What device should I buy" and "What device do you recommend". I rarely answer with an actual device because really, a PDA has to be right for the user.  It has to be the size you want and have the features you need, or at least the ones you think you need. The most expensive device is not always the right device for everyone. Manufactures are lowering prices all over the place, so now more than ever, even a minimal knowledge of what the features are will help you in getting a PDA that fits your needs.  Every device will have negatives along with positives. Though I would love to say there is a perfect device, I sure haven't seen one yet, and my "perfect device" is likely not the device that will allow you to be successful.  Some people might require more than one device to get everything they need and want (for instance a cell phone and a PDA). Do not feel you have to go buy the top of the line device just because it has it all" and cost the most so therefore must be the best. Manufactures are surprising users with low costs and quality features. It might even be better to buy a lower end device to use for a while to find out what functions you use more and which you still really want. The main factor in most decisions is money, which is a good decision maker, but make sure you know what you are getting. Even if you have no ends to the amount of money, make sure you know you are getting something that will work well for you, and not just be an expensive dust collector.

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