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Keyboard VS Stylus

     For a long time, the keyboard versus stylus issue was an issue between two different style devices.  This is no longer the case.  PDA's tend to only be stylus based.  There are no PDA's will full size keyboards like were previously featured on HPC's (Handheld PC's).  However, the popularity of integrated thumb board keyboards has shown up in many manufactures device designs.  The thumb keyboards don't replace the stylus input method nor can you type on them like you would with a conventional keyboard, but the augment data entry and navigation of the device. 
     Thumb keyboards are devices are primarily appealing to uses that recognize the will want a keyboard style input method.  That may sound obvious, but users that find they use the stylus and the on-screen keyboard to tap input, likely will find that a thumb board will cut input time drastically.  Users that use a jot (graffiti) or full writing (transcriber, calligrapher) method, like won't find a thumb board as useful for most input.
     A stylus only device may give you more options if you aren't sure a thumb keyboard is really needed but think you may want one.  Most stylus only devices will be much smaller, but if you do decide later that a thumb keyboard may help, many devices will support add-on thumb keyboard modules as well as full sized keyboards.

Stylus input ... how?

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