Hardware: Other PDA, PDA/Phone, Phone/PDA Devices

     In recent years, the number of products that include PDA like hardware and functionality have increased drastically both on the market and in users pockets.  The Blackberry and Sidekick product lines were two devices that business users and general consumers alike adopted into their mobile life.  While these products do not run Windows Mobile or Palm OS, they include similar functions (usually they run a Symbian based operating system).  Many devices are also beginning to include similar hardware functionality to Pocket PC, Smartphone, and Palm OS PDA products like Bluetooth, WiFi, and expandable memory card slots.



   BlackBerry 5700
   BlackBerry 5800
   BlackBerry 6200
   BlackBerry 6700
   BlackBerry 7100
   BlackBerry 7200
   BlackBerry 7500
   BlackBerry 7700
   BlackBerry 8700

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