Expansions: Modem: Compact Flash

Dial-up, while an "older" technology is still effective at connecting a device to the internet or other network from just about anywhere.  The Compact Flash format has been around for years and comes in two physical sizes.  Type I cards are smaller, while Type II are slightly larger.  Quotes are from the respective companies webpage and are not a value judgment of davespda.com.


Ambicom CF56M-EZ
"AmbiCom's EzJack Dongle-Free CompactFlash Modem Card allows you to have simple and direct access to corporate network, e-mail and the Internet without worrying about breaking or losing cables." - www.ambicom.com

Hawking HCF690V
    "A new generation of Pocket PC and CF+ Modem solutions is now giving dynamic, mobile workforces the freedom to be productive from any location." - www.hawkingtech.com

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