Expansions: Memory: Compact Flash

Compact Flash has been around for years and comes in two physical sizes. Type I cards are smaller, while Type II are slightly larger. If your device supports Compact Flash, you may be able to get CF cards for cheaper than other memory types. All prices and model numbers are for 2 GB cards. Use "Check Prices" links to view the most recent prices at NexTag, our price comparison partner. Quotes are from the respective companies webpage and are not a value judgment of davespda.com.


Kingston Standard CF/2GB
"For everyday use of digital cameras, PDA's, and MP3 players, Kingston's standard CompactFlash is the perfect solution for additional storage on these devices."

Kingston Elite CF/2GB-SKR
"The Elite Pro line offers a memory grade for enthusiasts and professionals who require higher write speeds and lower power consumption from their CompactFlash cards. This allows Elite Pro users the opportunity to get additional speed and performance out of their flash memory based equipment."

Kingston Ultimate CF/2GB-U
"When high storage volume, superior quality, and extreme transfer rates are vital, the CompactFlash Ultimate 133x gives impressive professional results. The Ultimate line is also pre-loaded with OnTrack� EasyRecovery Professional 6.1 for added peace of mind."

Lexar Professional CF2GB-133-380
"Trusted by professional photographers, the Lexar Professional CompactFlash (CF) memory cards provide an ideal high-speed, high-capacity solution that brings out the ultimate performance in your DSLR equipment."

Lexar Platinum CF2GB-80-664
"Lexar Platinum II memory cards provide photographers with performance levels capable of sustained rapid-fire shooting and full-motion video, two of the most popular features in today's digital cameras."

Patriot Signature PSF2G50CF
"The Patriot Signature Line CompactFlash (CF) memory cards offer a convenient solution to securely and conveniently transport, access and store digital information. Signature Line CF memory cards provide the ultimate flexibility and storage expansion for digital devices such as digital cameras, PDAs and MP3 players."

PNY Standard P-CF02G-RF
"PNY CompactFlash cards are the optimal storage upgrade for digital imaging, portable computing and multimedia systems. PNY CompactFlash cards can be written and reused thousands of times and have been optimized for speed, capacity and durability."

PNY Optima Pro P-CF2G-60W-RF3
"PNY�s Optima Pro CompactFlash cards perform at a substantially higher sustained write speed than standard CompactFlash cards. The result? Reduced click-to-click time so you won�t miss any of the action! PNY Optima Pro cards are expressly created for high-end digital cameras that can maximize their performance with this improved technology."

"RIDATA 150X series CompactFlash� Card is a flash memory card using flash technology based with ATA interface. They come with an advanced interface that enables excellent data transfer performance."

Sandisk Extreme III SDCFX3-2048-901
"SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash is designed for serious professional photographers who demand one of the fastest, most rugged, and most durable memory cards on the market."

Sandisk Extreme IV SDCFX42048901
"The Extreme IV line of CompactFlash is our newest digital film cards for the high-end professional photographers, who require the highest possible performance and the largest capacities for their medium format and high-end digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras."

Simple Tech STI-CF/2GB
"SimpleTech�s CompactFlash (CF) memory cards are the perfect storage solution for digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, palmtops, and handheld PCs. And, they utilize less power�saving your device�s precious battery life."

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