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Uses for a PDA
By: Dave - July 19, 2001

Are you one of those people that have seen your friends, family, and co-workers using PDA's and you want one but you aren't sure why you would need one?  Chances are there is some part of your life where a PDA would be useful.  The first thing to remember is that you might not really need a $600 iPAQ when a $200 PDA would better suit your needs.

More and more applications are being built to help students and teachers in the classroom.  One of the simplest applications of PDA's in the classrooms is for taking digital notes.  Why are digital notes better then just plain paper notes?  Spell check, grammar check, and quick revision are just a few plus sides to digital notes.  Many PDA's also allow you to make voice recordings, which are very helpful for re-listening to lectures.  PDA's can also be useful in programming and networking classes.  Teacher can use PDA's to take role or can use them as a "remote/note card" for digital presentations.

In meetings is another great place to have a PDA.  Most of the reasons for having one in meetings is the same as the educational uses.  Voice and digital notes are major pluses for emailing and archiving.  If your conference room is wired, then you can access document quickly and easily with a tap of the stylus.  PDA's also can keep you running on time with calendar, task, and alert features.  You can also use your device for email and contact lists.

Of course you will find quickly that you can do way more then just business or educational activities with you device. Tons of games are available for all devices, as well as some really high quality games for the higher end CE devices.  You can also use your PDA as an ebook or a tablet for writing on (in fact this feature was written on my PDA).  PDA's also work well as MP3 or WMA players.  In the future, you will see wireless Internet built into PDA's and expansions for more mobility when surfing the net.

Find any reasons in there to buy a PDA?  Chances are you could use one in some part of your life.  Make sure to talk to friends and family that have them to see what they like about theirs, as well as people on the net whole have or know about PDA's.

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