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Palm loosing money again
By: Dave - October 9th, 2001

While hunting around for the new Jornada, I took a moment to look at the Palm devices as well as the Pocket PC's. Both Jason and I agreed that even with the recent price cuts on the Palm m100 and m105, that wasn't enough for Palm to make a real stand in the market. With all the new Pocket PC releases, older devices are going to get cheaper. Since the current Palm devices are more of a high-end organizer, Palm should reduce prices to help consumers that just want an organizer with some punch, to turn to Palm instead a "more expensive" Pocket PC. The m1xx is a nice series of small devices for some who don't know much about PDA's or how they are going to use them. These devices are also good for students. But Now with the release of the m125, I feel the m100 and m105 to be basically obsolete. The m125's SD slot alone is enough to set it ahead of the other two. But (yes, another but.) The m125 is also sold for too much. When Palm was reducing the prices on the m100 and m105, the m125 needed to be included. I do like the m125, but I think $249 is too much for it. It isn't worth it. For $50 less I could get a Visor Neo, which is a little bigger, has a more versatile springboard expansion, and comes in three colors. For $50 more, I could get a Visor Pro, which has twice the memory of any other Palm OS based device and once again has the more versatile springboard expansion.

Palm is loosing out. Lately, they have been a day late and a dollar short in almost every way compared to their competitors. From a standpoint of power, Pocket PC does much more then Palm OS 4. Other companies, like Handspirng, offer similar devices that are generally cheaper and come with more expandability. I think maybe to often Palm devices are getting bought because they are a "Palm Pilot" and not because people take a minute to look at similar devices that are often better or cheaper then Palms.

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