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Pocket PC 2002: MSN Messenger
By: Dave - October 2, 2001

Though the new MSN Messenger has to be installed separately, it is still pretty cool, and is defiantly worth installing if you use MSN and have a way to connect your device to the internet.  I would seriously consider switching to MSN if it wasn't for the fact that everyone I talk to is on AIM.  MSN uses the new "bubble" feature to alert you of new messages when the arrive, which is very neat.  

Signing on to MSN.  No option to create an account from your device.

The buddy list.

Me instant messaging my desktop computer

At the Today screen when a message comes in.  Chat opens MSN, ignore does nothing with the incoming message (it does not ignore the user though...they can still send more messages).

Options when you hold the stylus on someone.

"Pre-recorded" messages....

...insert right into your IM's just by selecting the text you want from the menu.

My Text gets inserted so you can ad to it before sending.

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