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As wireless carriers integrate better data services into their wireless plans, PDA manufactures are working on products to integrate the PDA world into these wireless plans.  mmO2, makers of the XDA, have created a sleek device that users have been salivating for since its introduction at various trade shows.  VoiceStream has become the first US wireless carrier to pick up the XDA in US, renaming it the T-Mobile and scheduling it for distributing nation wide at a price comparable to standard Pocket PC devices on the market today.

The XDA is one of the first products to run the most recent release from the Microsoft Mobile Group, Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition.  PPC-PE includes extra features to cause the XDA to not only be a PPC 2002 PDA, but also a fully featured cell phone.  Other then the updated operating system, the XDA features components of most standard Pocket PC's.  Packed with an Intel 206MHz processor and 32mb the device isn't a power house product, but is still competitive.  The drawback in its specifications comes with the 12-bit color screen, which has not been used on a Pocket PC since the 3600 series iPAQ's.

The sleek flowing design of the XDA is what attracts the eye to this product as apposed to other PDA/Phone combinations.  The XDA seems to be just that, an XDA, and not a combination product.  To those that look at it as primarily a phone, that is what it looks like but with the added features of a PDA. To those that look at it as primarily a PDA, that is what it looks like but with the added wireless features.  Either way, the product looks good unlike previous wireless products that might favor the phone or PDA side via their design.

In the US, the T-Mobile version of the XDA is built to run on VoiceStream's GSM/GPRS networks.  

The XDA is becoming a worldwide product that is being released on various markets under various product names.  In the US, the T-Mobile XDA is on many users "to buy list" as it combines wireless and PDA functionality into a sleek package that is not only stylish but also practical.

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