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Looking for the Jornada 568
By: Dave - October 8th, 2001

Jason Golden had a great idea today (though normally his ideas turn out to be rather good). He and I decided to go try and find the Jornada 568 at some local stores and see how many would let us actually get our hands on it. Lets just say this isn't a very simple thing to do, at least in Tacoma, Washington it is not.

First we headed to Office Depot. Though it wasn't on display, Office Depot had a 568 in stock, and they actually were happy to open the box for us and let us get a hands-on with the device. The Joranda is really a nice device. Nice and thin, good design and coloring, and light as well. We played around with it for quite a while (you could tell they were just thrilled to have us doing that). My impressions of the device from using it were very good. The screen was good, much better then past Jornada's have been. We did notice the small pixel fade out up in the upper left corner, but it isn't really all that bad.

We moved on to the next store, CompUSA. Now CompUSA always has a lot of device, and this time was no exception. Tons of Palm OS based devices, and a few Pocket PC's (including the Compaq 3135, which is odd since they supposedly sold out and weren't getting any more). CompUSA didn't get one out for us, but we didn't really expect them to. It is often iffy at CompUSA if the staff will be knowledgeable on PDA's, and usually, they tend to not be (like this time).

Office Max was right next-door, but we kind of skipped this one (for various reasons). Our final store was Circuit City. Usually Circuit City has some great prices and products out on display, but then again this was Tacoma and not Beaverton, Oregon so I guess there will be some differences. Circuit City had their standard Jornada 54x, iPAQ, Palm V, Sony CLIE display in the wonderful AOL section of the store. Jason got them to look up the Jornada 568 on the computer, and they actually had two in stock. The clerk told us that machine is a beast. Yes, quite the beast the Jornada is. After some coaxing, we got him to go back and get one for us, but when we got to the counter another manager just gave a blank stare when we asked if they were going to open it for is. All the information about it is on the box, the kid told us (another great line). Right. If I wanted just the specs I would have went to www.davespda.com.


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