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"One of the biggest decisions when buying a PDA is which mobile device operating system is right for you. Out of all the decisions this is likely the biggest as there is no way to change it, the operating system governs what software can be used, the operation system governs what expansions can be used (except for memory) with the included expansion slots, and of course the operating system governs what the user interface and general feel of the device will be." - View Feature   "This special feature article is here to help explain the three wireless technologies seen in PDA devices on the market today and give you a reference to decide which technologies you need in your PDA.  The three types of wireless you will see built-in and available as expansions are: Bluetooth, WiFi, and Cellular Data Wireless.  Wireless is an important part of PDA's as it is by far the easiest way to connect PDA's to other devices, and allows for a lot of different options in getting you device connected both to a local machine and to the internet." - View Feature
"Overwhelmed by specifications for PDA's? Wondering what it all means to you? This multipart feature will address four components of a PDA, what they mean to you, and how to compare different products specifications..." - View Feature

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"In the last couple months the low-budget PDA market has went from very few Palm OS based products to a rather large number of low cost devices in both the Palm OS and Pocket PC categories..." - View Feature
 "The XDA is becoming a worldwide product that is being released on various markets under various product names.  In the US, the T-Mobile XDA is on many users "to buy list" as it combines wireless and PDA functionality into a sleek package that is not only stylish but also practical." - View Feature
"Pocket PC's are incredibly easy to backup and some solutions are incredibly fast.  Backing up data at the end of the day isn't much harder then a few taps of the stylus, a storage card slightly larger (in capacity) then the memory of your device, and a couple minutes. ..." - View Feature 
"Pocket PC's, wireless, and Windows Media Technology are a killer combination. Together, the three give you the ability to stream your music from your desktop computer to anywhere else where you might need audio..." - View Feature 
"Almost pulled right from Star Trek, the Toshiba e310 is the thinnest Pocket PC ever to hit the market with specifications comparable to the top devices on the market." - View Feature  

"Sony's CLIE NR-70V does it again, surpassing all its Palm OS competitors in basically every way. When you think Sony, think advancing PDA technology." - View Feature
"Since I like to focus on working on helping people looking to buy a PDA...find what they want, I thought it might be good to take a look at just a few questions that users are having." - View Feature
XScale "This chip has been talked about for some time, but it isn't until now that we are finally going to start hearing about it and actually seeing it in some devices." - View Feature
Pocket PC 2002: My first look.
Pocket PC 2002: MSN Messenger
Thoughts on the Cassiopeia E200
Looking for the Jornada 586
Special Pocket PC 2002 Features
"There are so many wonderful hardware and software options out there right now, it is a great time to be a new PDA owner..." - View Feature
"Students use their devices for a variety of things.  Some use them simply for the look of having one, some play games, and others use them for more practical school applications..." - View Feature Students View - Operating Systems
Mergers "Recently there have been rumors of possible new mergers between various PDA manufactures...How important is the possibility for a merger when buying a device?" - View Feature
"This little trick requires you to setup a small web server on your PDA, and then use the directory browsing function to access your pictures." - View Feature
Palm loosing money again "Palm is loosing out. Lately, they have been a day late and a dollar short in almost every way compared to their competitors." - View Feature
"New to PDA's?  Don't worry, at one time, we all were..tart talking the PDA lingo...." - View Feature In Case You Didn't Know
Uses for a PDA "Chances are there is some part of your life where a PDA would be useful" - View Feature
"It could help elevate some headaches later on when you find software won't run or isn't running correctly." - View Feature Processors: Why do you care
Great Technology or to-late technology "Sony's devices always seem to enter the market a little to late for me...Their first device wasn't revolutionary...Let me explain why I say that." - View Feature
"I put my devices to the test every time I take them with me.  Of course if anyone has anything fun, like a PDA, everyone always wants to play with it." - View this Feature

Students View - Field Trip

Amsterdam Designprijs . How to help parentswith computer remotely . Game development in Ukraine

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