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It's Christmas Again!
By: Dave - December 24, 2001

It is that time once again when sleigh bells ring and our community grows with all the people receiving new PDA's.  Though this year sales are down, I still think PDA's are a trendy, yet very practical, item that many people will find under the tree, and hopefully you are one of these people!  It really doesn't matter if you received a Pocket PC or Palm OS device because there is a wealth of new technology at your finger tips.  Even if you already think you know how you are going to use your PDA, you might find there are few things you never thought you would be able to do in the palm of your hand. 

Before you look to far around on the internet for any PDA related material, play with your device.  Explore all the options and play with all the included software.  If you are so inclined, you might even read the manual and see if there is anything of any real importance in there.  Most devices come with some kind of extra software packages that you can install through your desktop computer (some companies preinstall the software).  Often, you will find important PIM (personal information management) tools, news/text readers like "AvantGo", and probably some games or multimedia type programs are included.

Ok, now you might not have found everything you were hoping for on that CD included with your device.  Maybe you had an idea of what you wanted to use your device for, but the manufacture didn't include it.  No problem.  Chances are someone else wanted it or already thought of it and has developed an application that can fit your needs.  There are many large PDA Software sites (like"PDAGold") and often times large software sites like "CNet" or "Tucows" also have software sections.  Sometimes you might get lucky finding a few pieces of PDA software at a local CompUSA, the best place to buy software is on the web at a site like "Handango".  

Now if you are already wanting to expand, you want to defiantly want to take a look around the market because there are a lot of hardware options for almost every device and chances are they are priced well at this time of year.  For the unplugged and mobile user, WiFi (802.11b networking) is a hot item right now, allowing you to wirelessly connect into your home or work network without having to hassle with cables.  Many major cities across the USA also have unofficial WiFi networks that you can get on when you are out roaming around the town.  If you are into music or movies, you might start looking into buying more memory for your device.  You can never have to much and Compact Flash memory (and other types) prices lower then ever.

There are so many wonderful hardware and software options out there right now, it is a great time to be a new PDA owner.  With companies like "SnapStream" (watch TV shows on your PDA) and "Jimmy Software" (Games), your PDA can become a mobile entertainment center.  With more memory, your device can play hours of music, or can be your ears since many have microphones and recording software.  With an external keyboard or a little practice learning how to write right, your PDA can become a digital notepad making searching and storing much easier.  With no extra software, your PDA can keep track of thousands of phone numbers, addresses, contacts, appointments, tasks, and other data.

It is a good time to join the PDA community...I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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